SSD RAID 0 on my laptop

As an interesting project I've been considering setting up raid 0 in my hp g62-347cl laptop with two ssds. This would be done with a hard drive caddy adapter in place of my optical drive. Would an array even be possible? I'm assuming I would need software RAID and the same interfaces going to identical drives. If you have any thoughts or think I'm being ridiculous please let me know. Thank you!
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  1. From my experience it would be a waste to RAID SSDs. They are already fast. I would think if you have the money get a ~500GB SSD and then use the caddy as additional storage for movies and such so if you want to throw your dvdrom back in you can without having to worry about affecting your raid.

  2. A 256BG SSD is usually more than adequate if not storing large media and multiple games on board. I use an external 2TB HDD for my media storage and make it available to all on my LAN.
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