5770x2 - 3 Displays??

I have a Radeon 5770 installed and im currently running 2 DVI Monitors through it. I am looking to add a third disply to my setup and from what i have been reading it seems as though i will need to get an "active display port" converter thingy in order for it to work.

Since these are currently only available for about 70-80 GBP i was hoping to come up with another solution. A new GPU is only just over the amount of the dongle thingy in question so i was thinking that might be a better route to go down.

So i guess my question is this... If i brought a second 5770 card and installed it would i be able to run another monitor or possibly even a forth with no issues. I have read that the eyeinfinity technology is not available with crossfire so im just trying to figure out my options.

Ideally i want to have 2 displays on my desktop (extended from one another - one large desktop) and one other display (HDTV) that can either be a duplicate of one of the first pair of screens or yet another extention of the destop. it doesnt really matter too much i will only be using the screen for watching movies and previewing content from video editing apps.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Any ideas/suggestions welcome.

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  1. If you bought another 5770 you could run up to four monitors at a time although it will lower performance if say you play a game... I'm not too sure though if say you could play a game on two monitors and leave the other blank... If possible it would be controlled through the Catalyst Center and probably have something to do with Hydravision...
    But IMO i would personally go with the extra 5770 since those combined equal a really strong GPU setup, instead of spending about half the price for a converter...(just for one screen)
    So basically conversion wise it would be like...
    Another card=2 more screens possible, and increased performance (50-100% depending on resolution (higher performance increase for higher resolution))~~160 dollars
    Converter= Get's you another monitor for 80 dollars
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, i set this up to email me if i got a reply and i havtn recieved one. Proably somthing wrong at my end to be honest.

    Thanks for the advice, its the way i was thinking about going. Seems to make sense. Just one thing to check up on, will i be able to run 4 monitors if i crossfire the GPU's?? i know that it eliminates the eyeinfinity attribute to the card but will it also limit the connectivity. (meaning the use of the DVI or HDMI ports)
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