New i5-750 build

I am just looking for some recommendations/verification that the components I have selected will work together and that they are good picks. I already have an Antec Three Hundred case, Antec 650w Earthwatts PSU, and DVD drive. So here is what I was thinking for everything else:



Core i5-750



I have a hard drive from my current laptop that I am going to buy an adapter for. Any suggestion on that would be great as well.
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  1. I'm just going to go ahead and say it. There's not a lot of though in some parts of this build.

    First, the board. If you want to Crossfire down the road, get the Asus P7P55D-E Pro (combo with the i5). If you don't, get the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3.

    Second, these G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 are faster for the same price.

    Third, a 40 GB SSD doesn't really do much for you. Once you put on the OS, you're basically out of space. Leave it out.

    Finally, adapting a laptop drive is a horrible idea. Laptop drives are incredible slow. Spend the $55 and get one of the fastest standard drive out there: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB. The other is the Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 GB for the same price (if you can find it).
  2. With the motherboard, as of now I do not want to go Crossfire as of now because I do not do a lot of gaming but that is a good thought. I would prefer not to have to upgrade that anytime soon.

    With the memory, I am still learning about memory and my other selection was based on someone else's choice. I will look into it but if its faster for the same price then I agree with you.

    With the SSD, there is no way the OS takes up that much space. I saw a review of someone else with a 30gb and he said he put Windows 7 and several of the basic applications on it and still had 10gb left over. 40gb leaves me more room for about the same price as a 30gb. I am looking for speed and a boot drive. The laptop hd is one that I bought separately and I know its 7200rpm although not sure about the cache. I know I will have to have some kind of hd storage. If you don't think this is adequate I may buy a 1tb instead.

    Thanks for the advice. I'm still in the learning phase with all of the new hardware that has come out. I haven't messed around with building for a few years.
  3. Also, for the graphics card- is the 5850 card worth it over the 5770? Ive seen some people saying it is. There's a pretty big price difference and I do not do a ton of hardcore gaming although I may do a little Call of Duty or something.
  4. What is your monitor resolution?

    Just a note, without some OCing or BIOS 'tweaking', you can't run the ram at 1600. I'd still recommend the 1600 stuff though as it is excellent.

    Have you thought about an aftermarket CPU cooler? The stock one is poor at best.
  5. This is the monitor that I bought:

    And with the ram, is this because of the board?

    After looking around here this appears to be the cooler to get:

    I will def be trying a little over-clocking :)
  6. The 5850 is worth it for your monitor. You'd have to play games at lowered details with the 5770.

    As for the OS not taking up that much space, that is true. However, SSDs like to have a lot of empty space (at least 20%). After installing the OS and other required programs (browsers and such), you're left with no real space for anything else. Why would you want to spend so much on a SSD only to not have it do much for you?

    The RAM runs at a lower speed because of the boards and the CPU. AM3 and LGA1156 CPUs default to 1333 mhz speeds, so you either have to manually set the speed and timings or need to slightly overclock the CPU to get the rated speeds. That said, the 1600 mhz sticks are usually the same price as the 1333 mhz sticks with the same CAS Latency.

    After looking at your parts again, I'm going to ask a few questions. First, what exactly are you using the computer for? Second, what's your budget? The reason I ask is that I'm positive I can put something together for the same or less that will be betterfor your uses. I'm begining to think that you'd gain a lot by moving to an AMD build. You may want to take a peak at the guidelines (the link's in my signature) for the other information that's helpful.
  7. The Hyper 212+ is an awesome cooler for the price. As you can see my i5 is at 3.6 (a very easy and reasonable OC) and it maxes in prime95 at 54C.

    The reason the i5 cannot run 1600 ram at stock is that it only has 8x and 10x ram multis, while the 860 and 920 have 12x. But, a light OC can easily get you up to160 bclk which will run your ram at spec. However, I don't see a huge need, in fact as you can see, even with a bclk of 180 I've kept my ram sub 1600 so I could keep tighter timings and lower ram volts.
  8. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Over the next month, as I see sales BUDGET RANGE: 1000-1200 No Rebates if possible

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (e.g.: surfing the internet, watching movies, gaming)

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, OS, DVD drive, Case(Antec 300 Illusion), PSU (


    PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type: Partial to Intel from how much good Ive heard about them lately, especially the i5-750



    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I know quite a bit about computers and am trying to get a good, somewhat future proof system. I am building this for learning purposes as well as for having a faster computer then my 4 year old laptop. Not a huge gamer but I could possibly get into it although I am more for the Xbox as of now. One of the things I am most concerned about is getting stuff now that will last and with minimal effort in the near future even if that means spending a little more. That is why I am thinking of the SSD with another drive as the storage because I do not want to have to move all my stuff to the new drive. I have read reviews of an SSD saying that it is one of the best upgrades to a computer in the past 15 years and that OS's boot in 15-20 sec. I have never used one though. Have you? I used to play around with putting computers together about 5 years ago but I have kinda gotten lost in all the new technology so I am trying to get the hang of things again. I would appreciate if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks!
  9. The budget includes the other parts that I have bought which total a little over $300. Like I said a little more isn't horrible but not a lot.
  10. And some other things to add to the usage: I will probably be running Visual Studio 2008, maybe some web site design, streaming video to my tv, and setting up dual monitors-although the second monitor won't be nearly as high res as the first. So I pretty much need a PC that all around performs well and can handle whatever I throw at it.
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    You definitely don't have the budget for a SSD. Also, if you get a 500 GB platter drive (Seagate's 7200.12 or Samsung Spinpoint F3) the boot times are down around 30 seconds with Windows 7. You can always add one later when the price drops to a reasonable level.

    Here's what I'm thinking (I'll add links and update the price later):

    CPU/Mobo: i5-750 and Asus P7P55D-E Pro $375
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $115
    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 500 GB $55
    GPU: HD 5850 $300
    HSF: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus $35 (with free card reader)

    Total: $880 ($1,180 w/ other parts)
  12. Thanks alot I really appreciate your help. That looks like a very good setup.

    I also appreciate the hard drive info as well and I think that does sound like a much better idea to me. What would be your advice on how many hard drives to have though? (And for the record, it seems like Samsung or WD have a better record then Seagate) I think I would like to have at least a 1tb of storage but also have a backup of some sort. I'm not sure how to best do that. I do have a 500gb laptop hard drive that I talked about earlier. Maybe I could just get a USB enclosure or something for it and use that as backup. As for in the computer, would you recommend two 500gb or one 1tb? The reason I'm asking is because of the potential of failing but that is what the backup is for as well.

    I will definitely look into those parts. My dilemma is that I am at school til May 20 so I am shipping the parts to my house so I won't be able to see them till then. I want to make sure I am ordering them within Newegg's 30 day return policy and not before I will have time to work on it after school. But by next week 30 days would be the end of May.
  13. In terms of performance, there isn't a good answer to what HDD setup is best. I generally just go with a single large drive and get an external backup. The exception is if you need up to 2 TB because those drives are extremely expensive (like 50% more than two 1 TB drives).

    As for Seagate being less reliable, that's mostly their older drives. Their new ones are good. I wouldn't get anything from WD right now as their drives are more expensive and slower.
  14. Also, any reason for picking that graphics card over with more reviews?
  15. It's cheaper and the new 5xxx cards are all basically the same. Other than that, no reason.

    Reviews mean very little to most of the people here. It's just an indication of how many have been bought.
  16. Ok thanks for the advice on the hard drives. I will most likely do that.

    What do you think of this?

    But its got rebates...

    Or this.. which has double the cache but its a WD but a good price.
  17. Well reviews say the WD is slow..but not sure why..
  18. It is the green drive. They are slower, but use less power. I wouldn't use them as the boot/main drive.
  19. oh ok cool
  20. EDIT: EXT64 beat me to it. :(
    I personally don't trust rebates all that much. Stick with the 7200.12 500GB or look at the 1TB version.

    That WD drive is slower because it's their GREEN drive. This means this drive is intended for storage uses/energy consumption mainly and not for loading your OS on since it spins slower to get that lower power consumption. Black = Performance, Blue = Mainstream
  21. The first one you linked to seems like a decent HDD. I just bought one to use as boot drive. The 500GB drives may be slightly faster, but this has the price/storage ratio advantage and is not a "green" low RPM drive. I need the extra space and don't have budget in this build for multiple HDDs.
  22. Yea that HDD looks decent but I'm a little skeptical because only 55% of all those reviews are 5 eggs
  23. That's another great HDD.
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