Wd raptor from ibm scam ?


I find this tempting offer on local auction service.
Used WD3000BLSF orginally sold by IBM.
It has only 8 hours in smart POH but DOM (day of manufacture) is SEP 2009.
It is posible that this hdd was previously used in IBM server, got failed, be regenereted and its smart record erased, then tested for 8 hours and someone resell those ?
Photos of mentioned drive:
HDtunes screen shot:
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  1. I believe the 300BLFS is a 12.5mm (thick) 2.5" drive, it requires cooling, if you know what you are doing (and it's cheap) it could be a bargain.

    This is a link to a refurb version... Out of stock but the reviews might be of interest.
  2. Thanks Joe, I'm looking to efficient hdd for operating system, and find this WD very interesting. Although i need to consider baying a proper heat sink and pay for shipping it is still half the price as for the new one [total price <80$]
    Try to look for product code on IBM service and find out this hdd was originally sold as part of IBM BladeCenter disk matrix with 1 year limited CRU [customer replaceable unit] warranty.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with it. I would put the money towards an SSD for your OS.

    There really isnt a cost benefit here, as they use more electricity to operate, have a higher rate of failure and, as mentioned, will require some method of cooling to be purchased further minimizing the cost difference between it and an SSD.

    Add in the fact that it is a 3 yr old drive with a questionable history and the better performance and accustics of an SSD and I would definitely stay away from it.
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