Which video card for 1280x1024 all max all games

so I have a 17inch LCD I DON'T want to upgrade. tell me which video card I need to buy to play all games right now on the market all at max settings at 1280x1024 resolution 30FPS. I'm guessing I don't need a lot of power.
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  1. HD4770, HD4850, HD5750, 9800GTX+ and GTS250. Pick the one that you get for the best price.
    HD5750 is the only one that supports dx11.
  2. The cards rolli listed are great for your resolution but I guess if you are serious about totally maxing out ALL games the HD5770 is more what you should be looking at.
    I would recommend this;
    or this
  3. 1. State your system specs
    2. State your power supply info

    If you have a good CPU (no bottlenecks) and a good power supply then:

    Max out any game, Crysis at high-very high - 4870, 5770, GTX260 or above
    Max out any game including Crysis - 4890, 5830, GTX275 or above
  4. i thought that you can even max out cyrsis at that resolution with GTS250
  5. Yeah, i think for 1280x1024 resolution 30FPS then GTS250 or HD4850 is enough...
    Again, it depends on your current system specs...
    Tell us your system specs... :)
  6. To max out every game going and by that i mean all the settings on high, all the sliders all the way to the right i agree with Bluescreendeath. It definatly needs more than a 5770.

  7. Eh, HD5770 is perfect short of applying high levels of AA to Crysis perhaps.
  8. There is no 1 card that can trully max out everyhing flawlessly even at 1280x1024. But the logical thing to do is go for majority of games and exclude either the hardcore graphics or the games u don't want to play.

    Now if u don't mind dips here and there u open ur choices to slot wider range. I would say a 4890 would be perfect. Here in Canada it's only 10 to 30$ more exp than both the 250 hrs and 4850. It perfoms around a 280 gtx slightly lower (by null frames) and is way cheaper.

    If u want dx11 ur picks are slim here are questions we need answered.

    price range
    future(how long u expect to hold onto it)
    if u want name the games u kno u will be playing for sure most of the time
  9. Looking at this:


    I'd say spending more than $80 is a waste at 1280 x 1024

    However, there's a current deal on newegg which gets you a 250 for a net cost of $39 ($109 - $20 MIR w/ $50 game card for Resident Evil 5 ) which might be attractive.

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