4 pin molex to 8 pin 12v

Hello I am new to Tomshardware (or at least with an account anyway) but I was just wondering if i could use a molex connector or two and combine them together with something like this
I would be using this to play games on a higher video card which requires 8 pin connectors... I was thinking about getting maybe a Fermi product or some other high end video card soon, so I was just wondering if this type of connection would be reliable and supply the correct amount needed...
BTW i have an 850W Rosewill power supply
It has 4 6 pins, no 8 pins (So a 6 pin converter could work as well if theres such a thing, I'm only looking to use one video card)
Hmm... and extra info i guess for ideas on power consumption:
Running 4 gbs Patriot 1333 Mhz
Phenom II x4 965
Radeon 4890
2 HDs, 320gb and 500gb 7200 rpm
and a cd/dvd rom
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    Welcome to the forum. The adapter you linked to will work no problems so does your PSU.
  2. Well that's a relief i was just wondering because i know that the gtx 480 is supposed to be a power destroyer... And also just another little question it says on some reviews that the amperage is sitting about 40 amps for gtx 480... do i have enough right now? Also in reading the review i saw that it said preferably not converted from molex to 8 pin (is molex to 8 pin not wise/safe sometimes?)
  3. I am presuming that is total 12volt draw from the system which would be 480watts. Your psu has 4 rails of 20 amp each but I can not see what the total is, it is at least between 50 and 60 amps. If you have concerns about your PSU (many people have about Rosewill) I would suggest replacing it with a Corsair of the appropriate size with a single large +12volt rail
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