Computer freezes up from psu

My computer freezes up on occasion, which i then found out through process of elimination and the trusty internet that i had to turn off then turn back on the power supply in order to get the comp to boot up. Was wondering what could be the cause...maybe my psu going bad?

Comp Specs:

-Intel i7 920 @ default ghz (no overclocking)
-corsair 1000 watt modular power supply
-Dual Evga NVIDIA GTX 285 Video Cards
-6GB Corsair Dominator memory
-Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB hard drive
- Cooler master v8 CPU cooler
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  1. There are a number of threads every day about freezing problems. Most freezing problems are RAM related. Which exact 6GB Corsair Dominator RAM kit do you have? All these match that description:

    Have you manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to the correct values in the BIOS? Have you performed an overnight run of Memtest86+ to test for RAM errors? Those are the first two things I'd do since setting the RAM values in the BIOS often fixes freezing problems.
  2. The fact that the power supply has to be turned off (at the wall?) and then back on to reboot the computer means that the power supply has detected a fault condition and has shut itself down. This could be due to a faulty power supply or overheating due to poor air flow into the case or a sort circuit. Checking air flow would be the first thing I would check followed by substitution of the power supply.
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