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What psu brand do you own?
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  1. so thats one for antec, vote please. the quattro?
  2. i own an xclio, but it isnt up there...wonder why :lol:
  3. Coolermaster Silentpro 700w
  4. what was the one that wasnt shown?
  5. no corsairs yet?
  6. I have 4 Antec, 2 Corsair

    Future built will be Corsair
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ares1214 is doing this because hes embarrassed he didn't know who seasonic was! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. My Antec PSU are most likely made by Seasonic
  9. Corsair 650TX
    Corsair 450VX
    Antec EarthWatts EA-500D Green
  10. no, ares1214 is doing this to see what company gets the most buys. i obviously knew who seasonic was if i recommended them.
  11. ct1615 is calling me out, cuz he thinks just because i say seasonic isnt as big as corsair, means i didnt know seasonic oem's their psus out to corsair and a few others. i said seasonic wasnt as big, and didnt get as many buys, which im trying to see right now.
  12. what are the ones i didnt list?
  13. XG Magnum 500W

  14. you didn't list pc power and cooling, which is my PSU so i had to list it under other

    also made by seasonic by the way....we both know you didn't know that.
  15. crap, forgot pcpc. and i knew seasonic oem'ed their psus out to several companies, i dont know all of them though. but5 atleast we are getting back on topic.
  16. Main computers: 3 Antecs - an old 400 watt and 550 & 650 watt TP3's, and 3 Corsairs - 750TX, 550VX, and 400CX.
  17. im surprised no silvestone or tt yet.
  18. Seasonic PSUs
  19. You should have included Enermax, Ultra and PC Power and Cooling to name few
  20. i know, there are about 15 i could have listed, but theres only 10 spots
  21. I have an FSP Blue Storm II 500W unit for my main PC and an Ultra LS 500W unit on my backup. My FSP has served me well these past few years but I'll need something a little more if I go with another 5870. Yeah, the Ultra was onsale at CompUSA and hey it's only powering a an E2200 and a 3850.
  22. why did i put an unknown spot, i should have put pcpc, seventeam, ultra, enermax, and something like coolmax or xfx
  23. PSUs I've owned:

    (From Latest to oldest)

    SeaSonic M12II 620W

    Corsair VX450W

    Delta Electronics 250W (not shown)
  24. I've got a 600w antec. It's a few years old so I'm not sure what model...
  25. for the 6 people that said not shown, what were they?
  26. that is a nice psu. isnt there some kind of knob?
  27. I've got a 750 watt Corsair; it gets the job done.;)
  28. Antec TP 650
    OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY
    Also have an old Antec 375 watt unit from 2001 still going strong.
  29. ares1214 said:
    for the 6 people that said not shown, what were they?

    Delta Electronics 250W (not shown)
  30. corsair!!
  31. hm, still no tt or silverstone... :heink:
  32. 2 corsair (520 and 620hx)
    1 BFG (450w)
    1 apex (250w)
  33. anybody have any experience with seventeam? this is, or was an amazing deal, no wonder it sold out:
  34. Seventeam has been around for a long time they are not in the mainstream market much these days but they do make some pretty decent units at least they used to.
  35. yeah, i knew they were pretty decently good quality psus they made, but they have disappeared a bit. but thats still a pretty nice deal.
  36. ares1214 said:
    What psu brand do you own?

    Two rebranded CWT units from a local PC shop and one no-name unit. My old Athlon XP HTPC has a no-name 20-pin ATX PSU that was pulled from some OEM PIII/S423 P4/Socket A machine that had died. Yeah, I'd have picked a better unit but this one was free and was a pre-ATX12V unit that if the label is correct (hopefully it is :o ) supplies quite a bit more on the +5V rails than modern PSUs do. It previously had a Lite-On ATX12V unit that it killed before I realized the ASUS A7N8X-E board fed power into the CPU VRMs from +5DVC instead of +12VDC. This no-name unit probably isn't all that bad as has run for about a year and a half with absolutely no issues, unlike the random issues I got with the Lite-On unit's insufficient +5VDC output.
  37. Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 600 Watt
    Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 500 Watt
    Antec Earthwatt 380 Watt
    Enermax 375 Watt
    OCZ Stealthxstream 600 Watt
    4 x Antec 450 Watts

    All currently working fine, coolermasters are the newer ones, all the Antec 450's are at least 4 years old, the others are at least 2 years old
  38. how do those cooler masters run?
  39. CM are hit and miss, some are good, some are OK, some are complete garbage.

    check reviews before buying one.
  40. thats what i thought, but i wouldnt say they are hit and miss, or atleast they seem to be more hits than misses. im not saying they are up to corsair/antec in quality and performance, but they seem to make pretty decent or good psus.
  41. 1 Antec 400W(probably their basic line, it's a few years old)
    2 Antec Earthwatts 380W
    1 Cooler Master 400W(just replaced it with 1 of the earthwatts)
  42. do you have any video cards running in any of those?
  43. ares1214 said:
    thats what i thought, but i wouldnt say they are hit and miss, or atleast they seem to be more hits than misses. im not saying they are up to corsair/antec in quality and performance, but they seem to make pretty decent or good psus.

    would you use this PSU in any computer you owned?

    Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 600 W

    "Why manufacturers like Cooler Master are still carrying power supplies with fake wattages is a mystery to us. We know that this is a very low-end power supply, but this doesn’t give the manufacturer the right to lie. This unit should be labeled as a 450 W unit and sold for half of its price. Being labeled as a 600 W product and sold for USD 70, it is a complete rip-off.

    If you pull more than 450 W from this product it will offer real risk to your computer..."

    here's the Cooler Master Elite Power 460 W

    "Cooler Master Elite Power 460 W is simply an Elite Power 400 W with a new label. The two units are absolutely the same (the only component that was upgraded was the rectifying bride, but this change didn’t make any difference in performance). This is simply unbelievable. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of thing still happening in China, but here in the United States? C’mon…"
  44. Cooler Master GX 750 W

    doesn't look so good, fails test 4 and 5 on the 3.3v and 5vsb and doesn't keep even 80 plus certification (100% load drops below 80%)
  45. ares1214 said:

    average but once again fails to reach labeled watts

    "Coolermaster has a decent 600 watt unit here. The unit does pretty well for stability and efficiency, doesn't get very loud, and... what? It's a 750 watt unit?

  46. basic rule of purchasing a PSU, if the name on the box is more famous for computer cases...avoid the PSU
  47. guess the seventeam is better then...
  48. 750TX, corsair are the best supplies I have ever used, i now run them in every system I build, never ever had a comeback from a corsair PSU (have several hunderd in the wild at the moment)

    Used to use a mixture, but just can knock the corsairs!
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