1st Upgrades to my Build!

I built a computer back in September, and I only spent just over 1000$, so now I am now getting the things I couldn't get.

For one I am getting a surge surpressor from triplite, and might get a UPS also, but it might have to wait for 1st re-visions(Bulldozer Upgrade).

I only got 4gb a 2x2gb from Gskill DDr3 1600 Cas Lat=7, and have the exact timings set to what it says on newegg(where i bought it).
I want to upgrade and was at first just going to get the exact same set, but I thought about going for a
2x4gb set of memory, but I had a few questions.

Should I get the exact same memory as before, as far as the 1600 and timings go?, that way in the bios I won't have to lower it to accomidate something like 1333.

I read that filling all 4 slots is not recommended, so thats why I was think'n of the 2x4gb cause I can either put them in and have 12gb, or just remove the 2x2gb, and have 8gb.

Anyways, what do you think, I think the 8gb idea is cool, cause latter I could get another 2x4 and have 16gb!
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  1. I forgot to ask the other question.

    Q: IF I were to get a set of 1600 Cas. Lat.=8, would there be a dramatic difference between my timings
    bing 7-8-7-24-2n and 8-8-8-24-2n or 9-9-9-24-2n???

    Because I know that my memory I have (ripjaw series) fits under neath my CM 212+,(if you put the memory in first) but I could save about 10-20$ getting the 8 latancy and around 40-50 getting lat.9

    I have the BLUE F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM, and the only set of 2x4gb lat. 7 is the black F3-12800CL7D-8GBRH from gskill.
  2. 1) Ideal situation is to get 8GB (2x4GB) to replace current memory (though majority of system only need 4GB, as more than enough).

    2) Second option is to get the exact same pair (part #, size, MHz, timings & speed) to run with 8GB (4x2GB)

    3) Worse option is to mix 2x2GB with 2x4GB that are equal in timings, MHz & speed. This will still run you a higher risk of BSOD / unstable system.

    4) Very bad idea is to run mixed memory (not equal timings, MHz & speed) of any size with your originals. It is a failure waiting to happen... IMO :(

    As for seeing the difference between Cas7, Cas8 & Cas9, you will see little or no "real world application" difference between the three. If you see anything, it will be in benchmarks or something along those lines.
  3. Well I don't think you could of said that any better!

    So pretty much the ideal thing to do is get the 2x4gb and take out the 2x2gb(put it my moms computer), and in the future I could also upgrade to 4x4gb with a second set of the exact 2x4gb, preferably all Cas Lat 7.

    So, if I go with 2nd option, I will be maxed out and no more could be upgraded unless in the future i do the first plan.

    Then mixing equal 2x2 and 2x4=12gb is worst than just putting the 2x4=8gb!

    So if I do go with the 2x4gb, will it be ideal to get a second set of them to equal the 16gb??
    Or am i better off with just 8gb??

    by the way I have the 890fxa-ud5 w/AMD 965

    I am actually considering waiting till Bulldozer, but I am going to be upset if the UD5
    doesn't work w/AM3 r2 or +!!! If it doesn't they better name it AM4!!
    cause I could save 300, and spend it later on nice new CPU! If not I will have to save 500$ so I can get a new mobo! Cause my mobo is compact with all the goods and doesn't need upgrading!
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