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I am debating on which upgrade would be for the best. Whether i should buy a 2gb 5870 which would be similar performance to my two 4870's but i could add another to it in about a month and it has dx11(500$). Or a phenom 965 two more 1tb hard drives (so i could use my existing one with them and have 3 in raid) and another 2 gigs of ddr3-1333 ram(480$). What i am mainly looking for here is which of these will yield the best results in games? But when considering the 5870 option remember that i can have them cross-fired in a month. My current system is as follows...

Antec 900 2 case
msi 790fx-gd70 mobo
amd x3 720( unlocked 4th core and have it 3.2ghz, tuniq tower)
6 gigs of ddr3 1333 ram
hec 1000 watt power supply (150 amps between 12 volt rails so i shouldn't have to worry about powering 2 5870's)
2 x 1gb 4870's (bios mod in which i couldn't raise voltages very much but gave me o.c. of 810 ad 1100)

Any feedback will be appreciated

edit: i will overclock the 965 as much as i can safely if that is what i end up getting
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    The 5870 would be the only good option. You won't even tell a difference in gaming between your overclocked/unlocked CPU and the 965. You also won't notice much of a difference between 6GB and 8GB of RAM other than it will run in dual channel mode. Even 4GB is plenty for gaming.
  2. considering that you are the only input that i got on this i will go ahead and give you best answer
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