Which channel do I connect my SATA HDDs and DVD drives to?

I have six SATA channels on my motherboard -- three HDDs and two DVD RWs drives. I usually only use one HDD but sometimes plug in the other two for data. Can anyone tell me which SATA channels each of these drives should be connected to? I recently made some changes to my computer and my drives are not booting up properly anymore. Thanks!

MB Abit IP35 Pro.
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  1. boot hd - sata0
    and rest whatever you want

    obviously set boot to HD (not dvd drive or floppy first)

    And what do you mean you made changes? what changes. I believe win7 uses that small 100meg boot partition.
  2. SATA? Does not really matter. At all. Simply plug in, then go into the BIOS, select which one(s) are to be added to the boot order. Once you have all the drives you want added to the list of bootable drives, then you arrange the order you want them to boot in. There are no jumpers, master, slave, or ribbon cable plugs to worry about. Just plug them in, go in the BIOS, and then select what you want to do with each one you have plugged in.
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