Surge Suppressors. Are they recommended?

Are they recommended/necessary to use?

Which one do you recommend? (110v)

I've heard a lot of this one:

PS. My PSU is the Corsair TX650.
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    They are definitely recommended, since if they are not used, a power surge can fry your computer. The PSU says it has protection from these things, but since that is not its primary function, I would not trust it too far, especially if you have a more expensive system.

    That looks nice to me. I prefer to use something with battery backup as well, because in case of a power outage, I want to be able to shut down my computers properly, but it's your call.
  2. I had one of those (different make) and it caught fire, I don't know if it was saving a surge in the process but was worrying as it kept burning after the fuse tripped.
  3. I bought APC P74, it is suitable for you also.

  4. Belkin has a few that provide very high surge protection. Perhaps you should check them too. Their products might be a bit expensive but might be worth it. I bought this one: there are equivalent US ones too.
  5. If you experience frequent voltage fluctuations and power cuts then using a surge buster along with a back UPS is definitely recommended.. Mark the words frequent as todays PSU's are very much capable to handle occasional outings.. Getting a good surge protector is necessary as lower quality ones might render completely useless from one hazard and will require frequent replacements.. Then there is all that fire hazard mentioned above.. I too would recommend belkin.. I've the one (gold series) with 6 three pin outlets along with protection for phone, modem and tv too (cables came bundled).. Its specs and quality are very high and will give you all peace of mind.. I've paired it up with an APC back UPS RS-1000 and both seem to work nicely in tandem..
  6. I bought these and they cover up to $200,000. worth of stuff.I hope this helped because a power spike only happens once in awhile but it can damage your beloved pc parts.
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