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I've just built a PC for my uncle and I put it all together. It ran and then I was going to plug in the monitor to install windows and the drivers but I couldn't plug in the VGA cable. I realized that the motherboard didn't have on-board graphics. So now I need to get a video card and I'm trying to find the cheapest because it is only for basic computing and no gaming. The mother board is It uses DDR3 memory and because I want the cheapest video card there all DDR2. I need to know if I'm able to put a card that uses DDR2 memory in a motherboard that uses DDR3 memory? Also if anyone has any suggestion for a good cheap video card to use it would help.
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  1. I would go with this GPU...

    It has plenty of graphics power for your needs. Don't worry about your GPU RAM & MOBO RAM being different. They have no conflicts or relation to each other, so don't threat about it.
  2. Thanks for the help!
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