Graphic Card Decision (4890, 5870, GTX 480)

Alright so ATM i have an ATI radeon 4890 XFX edition
It has been working for me pretty well, the only problem I have with it really is that it's a DX 10 card and that it's a little weak on the newer games...

Now i was thinking about getting either a 5870 or the new Fermi GTX 480, both which are in the 400 dollar range although they are at opposite sides...With obviously the 5870 sitting on the cheaper side.

This is the card i was looking at (5870)
It's the Sapphire Vapor-X model so it's going to have a lot better cooling, would offer me DX 11, obviously faster than the 4890, and better then the stock reference of the 5870...This card sits at 449 dollars

Or I was thinking of the highly debated GTX 480 which is sitting at 499.99 dollars... This card hasnt been released yet to the public, but the reviews all seem to indicate its a good card performance wise, as it sometimes competes with the 5970. The only real problems I see with it is pricing (just higher), It's much hotter and uses more energy then the 5870, and besides those facts it hasn't really been used real life application (Just meaning it could have troubles with games that haven't really been tested, obviously since it hasn't been released to public).

The only other thing I thought about was 4890 CFX although i decided it would be a pain since I would have to buy a new Mobo for Crossfire support(Costing me about 300 dollars if i want a good mobo, with video card included) ... Also if i dont CF i can sell my 4890 gaining a profit of about 170 dollars, thus making the 400 dollar options down into 200 dollar options basically

I have no opinion on either ATI nor Nvidia so I'm not really going to shut anybody down opinionwise (lol)
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  1. What's your power supply?

    Instead of grabbing a HD5870 or GTX480, grab an HD5970.

    If not, grab an HD5870 Vapor-X for the cooling, and OC it to 1,000core/1,3000mem. That'll easily trump the GTX480 in Performance, Power, Heat, and Price.
  2. Hmm, trying to work on specs in my signature atm, but i have a 850W Rosewill Xtreme (not the most guaranteed brand but it works) and the only reason i didnt suggest the 5970 was because I'd only like to spend 500 dollars max and the 5970 is at 700 dollars ATM, btw are you able to vote on the poll I think i closed it somehow...
  3. You probably did close it, I can't see anything.

    If I were you, I'd grab this, and OC it a bit.
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