E2220 to a E7500?

I had recently bought a HD4850 GPU so I could start gaming. I found out that my E2220 is bottlenecking my performance and fps in game. I was wondering if a E7500 would bottleneck at HD4850 since I'm on a budget. I usually play games like CoD4, CS:S, L4D2, and some RTS games. Also, I will not be OC my CPU because my board's BIOs does not allow me to OC. For the time being I just want to upgrade my CPU first than in the near future a motherboard. I was considering getting the AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE rather the E7500. Which one would be a better buy?
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  1. What is your budget? It would be a bit easier to make a recommendation that way.
  2. As of right now it's about $150 for a CPU.
  3. Hey man, you can run those game at high settings with the E7500....now the AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE will be nowhere near it! but you have a budget of $150....now the E7500 will cost you around $117 approx....
    Although the E7500 will run great but my personal opinion would be the AMD Athlon II X4 635 which will only cost you $100 and you are saving $50 which you can utilize by buying a good after market cooler....and then you have always a choice of OC for your future motherboard....
    a quad-core processor will not only run the recent games but also will be able to easily handle the upcoming games....the choice is yours... ;)
  4. I know I mention Microcenter often on here but their deals are awesome. When you buy certain AMD cpus you get $40 off the motherboard of your choosing. They even have one you can get for free. Downside to that board is it only has 2 ram slots. I recently got that board when I bought an Athlon II X4. Surprisingly it has a bios core unlock feature. I was able to unlock a sempron 140 that I had lying around and now use it for my HTPC. IIRC it was an A780L from biostar. All you do is press F4 when the system info screen comes up during POST. So depending on your ram requirements, such a board paired with a Ph II X2 might be a good option. So if you have nearby, I would highly recommend going there.
  5. Thanks guys for the insight. I go to Microcenter all the time, and it's only 15 minute drive from my house here in Texas. I decided to buy the C2D E7500 soon as I find some good deals with it and maybe a new cooler.
  6. I suggest you upgrade to a quad.

    Q8200s cost around $110 at Microcenter.
    Q9300s cost around $140.
    Q9550s (one of the best 775 quads) cost $180 - which is $100 less than newegg.
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