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I'm currently using a Soundblaster MP3 sound card with Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 for music. This system has a special din connector that goes to the subwoofer with digital sound. This system is 10 years old and not supported by Win7.

I assume that any new sound card will not support the din digital sound so I need new speakers also.

I don't want to use the motherboard sound as I use headphones for that while surfing etc.
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  1. From what I know those speakers have a proprietary Creative digital input so they won't work on a modern sound card.

    Asus Xonar DX on PCIe (works on any type of PCIe - x1,x4,x8,x16) or the same card on PCI - the Xonar D1 are very good for music and both are low profile. Or HT Omega Claro.

    For the speakers it depends on your budget and on what's available in your country.
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