HIS ATI Radeon HD 4650 AGP Crashes


Like many users, I recently purchased an upgraded video card to revive an aging P4 rig. A seemingly simple task has become one major headache and after searching the forums I have not been able to find a sollution to my particular problem. I am hoping someone here can help.

The old rig is a P4, 2.6, with an Antec 430 psu, 1 gb ram and a creative audigy 2 soundcard. I am running windows xp home. The mobo is an intel 850 EMV2. I replaced my GeForce 6600 GT with an HIS ATI Radeon HD 4650 (AGP). After removing the nvidia video drivers, with both the uninstaller and a driver removal tool, I installed the 4650 along with the updated hotfix drivers from the ATI website. Having previously tried to install a 4670 (and failing miserably), I was aware of the problems that the HD audio sometimes causes, so I disabled the device in the device manager and disabled the microsoft hd audio bus as well. The system boots and audio and video seem to work fine. However, after some time, I hear what sounds like my hard drive shutting down and the computer completely freezes. The only way to get back up and running is to do a hard reboot. When I try and run a game (I use the computer primarily for iRacing) I play for approximately 3-5 minutes and then the screen freezes and I hear a crackle and popping sound from the speakers. Again, I have to do a hard reboot to get back in. I never experienced these issues with the 6600 GT. Could this be a PSU issue or am I just another hopeless victim of the poor ATI drivers for this product? I have tried to use the dirvers that came on the CD with the card but to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated as my last resort is to reinstall windows and I would like to avoid that at all costs.

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  1. Have you tried going with your onboard sound instead of the sound card?
  2. Agree, try to use your onboard sound.
    Take out your sound card and boot again, see if there's any changes...
  3. Problem solved. Removed Audigy 2 drivers and sound card, enabled on board audio, video card is now stable with no conflicts. Thanks for the help!!!
  4. You are welcome.
  5. I may have spoken too soon - changing over to on board audio definitely took care of the crackling sound and lock-up while running the game, but just this evening after about 15 minutes of surfing the web, I heard the hard drive fan shut down and the computer became unresponsive. Absent the change in video cards I would say it could be a faulty PSU or a sign of the drive going south, but again all was fine with the Nvidia card and the problems didn't show up until the switch. Any further thoughts?
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