Black bars and Kernel crashes on Nvidia card

So I have two problems which may be related. I am running a dual screen set up with a GeForce 9800 GTX+ card. The monitors are a Viewsonic 22" 1080p lcd tv (running on VGA) and an Acer P221W 22" lcd monitor (dvi). I just switched to Windows 7 64 bit a couple of months ago, and for some reason I get these two problems.

Every once in a while, while playing a game, the screen will go black, both monitors just lose signal, and slowly the screens boot back up, kind like they had been turned off. Sometimes I get a little thing in the corner that says "Display Driver NVidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Version 191.07 Stopped Responding and has successfully recovered. "

I have installed the newest drivers and it still does this.

Also, when I set my second monitor (the viewsonic) to its native resolution, it says "out of range" and won't display. If I set it a size below, it displays but with a giant black bar on the side of the screen. I can't nudge the screen over using the monitor menu enough to make up for the black bar, and if I try to do so using the Nvidia control panel, it moves the screen but not the bar. The only way to get it to display, without squishing it, is to set it to a widescreen resolution waaaaay below the native.
The problem sounds alot like this guy's problem:

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  1. What resolutions are you running the monitors at when it blacks out?
  2. I try running it at 1600x1024 and it just blacks out and says "out of range"
  3. I assume both of them are at this resolution when it happens, and BTW what types of games are you playing? Are they graphic intensive or just normal games?
  4. The first one is runs at 1680x1050
  5. They aren't super graphic intensive. Team Fortress 2, at lowest settings (it runs recommended at highest settings. I was testing it at lowest to see what was up)

    Also I run them both at 1600x1024 and it still acts weird.

    Also while it detects what type of monitor the acer is, it just says "generic Non-Pnp Monitor"
  6. Hmm thats weird yeah... The only advice i could give you is unplug one of the monitors while gaming or get a new card... Another thing it could be is the card might be overheating so if you have anyway to measure that you might want to try it out... Sometimes the fan might kick in too late and just overheat that way or your case may not be very inclined to letting air flow through (or your cards fan could be pressed against something causing hot air just to circulate back into it

    ANd yeah my acer 24 inch says non-pnp generic as well so that isnt really a problem
  7. I don't think overheating would cause a loss and recovery of kernel though, right?

    I have thought it was overheating, because it is kinda in an odd position.

    Previously it didn't say non-pnp though, so I thought that was kinda strange. It has the latest driver for it though, so I guess not.
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