BSOD 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x804f18fa, 0xba50ba8c, 0xba50b788)

I have been working on a friends computer with the Blue Screen Of Death (Windows dump file)

Here is the error code

0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x804f18fa, 0xba50ba8c, 0xba50b788)

I can not boot into Windows in normal mode or safe mode, when try to repair the system with the XP disk I get the Blue Screen Of Death.

I have tested all the hardware and everything seems fine, I even put a new hard drive in and installed XP again with no problems.

Upon running CHKDSK no problems are found and the drive appears to be in good condition, I have removed and replaced all cards and memory with no results, once again if I install XP on a new hard drive I have no problems.

I am skilled with Dos, Windows, Linux, and OSX but I'm having trouble figuring this one out.

I must admit I'm not use to working with the Blue Screen Of Death as all my computers never reach this point, plus I mainly run Linux.

I was looking at a program called Whocrashed and I was wondering if I could load it on a working XP computer, take the Windows dump files from the crashed computer and put them on the good computer and read them?

I'm basically just looking for feedback here, anyone with experience here would be appreciated.
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  1. Just thought I would add this update, If you copy the *.dmp files and dump them in a working windows computer, you can indeed read the errors with the program whocrashed

    I found out the drivers crashing my friends computer are atkkbnt.sys and atkdisp.sys, now I need to figure out how to fix this problem, do I delete the files from the windows/drivers directory, replace the files with new ones, or something else, and then do a repair with the windows XP disk.
  2. So the answer to this problem was to delete the atkkbnt.sys file, it turns out the atkdisp.sys file was already deleted. I repaired the OS using windows XP install disk, now it is hanging on the XP loading screen, I will wait 1 hour and 45 mins and if it does not log in I will reset and try safe mode. I will make sure to report back on the status and mark this thread as solved once I have finished this process, thanks for all your help slipsubnot, tomshardware should pay you to assist on these forums, sorry slipsubnot but I'm sure tomshardware is probably too cheap to hire me and most likely too full of themselves to care, they probably see me as a insignificant insect, but thanks for the complement slipsubnot, I was glad I could help you. XD
  3. It worked, I got in but I had to use safe mode, no big deal, everything can be fixed from here. XD Good luck to anyone who reads this in the future who might be facing the same crap.
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