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i need help taking apart my gateway laptop. the model no. is ms2273 im trying to get to the fan because it seems loose and is making a buzzing noise ive unscrewed the whole thing and i can get to the hard drive but the fans in a different compartment. i dont wanna force anything so if anyone has any advice or better yet an idea were i can get instructions on taking the computer apart please help
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  1. Search google for a service manual, sounds like you have to take the whole thing apart and flip the motherboard over.
  2. I'd love to help, unfortunately, I purchased a Gateway notebook a few years ago. There was no service manual. There were to disassembly instructions to be found anywhere. So unless they changed, you will have to figure it out yourself. Take your time and don't force anything. Make sure you get out all the screws. Double check. You don't want to snap anything.

    I had to disassemble mine to replace the CCFL so I could sell the thing as a working laptop. It was a hellish experience because I could find instructions nowhere. Basically, if you have already googled or checked Gateway's website and have been unable to find anything, then there is nothing.
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