Inno3d 9800gt green card

please sen me information about the product i'm going to buy it in future this is the only option 14000/= srilanka
2.4 quad core,4 gb ddr2 800,foxcornn g33 mb
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  1. It's good if you don't have a good PSU, because it's low power.
  2. Yup, 9800GT green card doesn't need an additional power connector cable from PSU, so if u just only has 400W of PSU then u shouldn't worry about power... :)
  3. i want to know that the 9800GT green card inno 3d is a good brand or not. also i'm using tv card and audigy sound card as well, please send me infor who really experiencing with this brand (9800GT green ino 3D) using 450W power supply
    2.4 Quard ,4Gb ddr2 ,foxcorn g33
  4. Alternatively you could go with an HD5670, which would perform on-par with it. Also depending on your PSU (if it's of a reputable brand), you could run an HD5750 (which uses a max of 83Watts IIRC, so it's not too much over an HD5670).
  5. HD5670 is about 28,500/= but geforce 240gt only 13,650/= so i decided to buy 240gt
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