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I just purchased a Toshiba with a Celeron 900 with 3 DDR3 installed. It was a good deal for an extra. But, is there any benefit in having DDR3 memory with a Celeron?
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  1. Memory is the worst performance benefit vs cost part there is when it comes to differing speeds.

    DDR3 memory is not necessarily faster than DDR2-800MHz memory, depending on speed and timings.

    DDR3 memory is the same price as DDR2 memory (approx.) as of current.

    DDR3 memory uses less power than DDR2 memory.

    3 what? GB?

    The average user will not notice a difference between DDR3 1600MHz and DDR2 800MHz.
  2. I just can understand why Toshiba would incure the expense of DDR3 memory on a budget Celeron 900 laptop when DDR2 would achieve basically the same performance. I had wondered if the DDR3 memory would boost the processors performance and I read that some of the new processors require DDR3 memory.

    I certainly believe I get a good deal with the Toshiba L455-S5000 and I know processor gurus will not agree. I just wish I know why DDR3 memory was selected. The laptop also didn't have wireless N, only b/g.

    Thanks for your input
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    Like Enzo said it cost the same as DDR2 and as for a laptop they would opt for the DDR3 for the fact that it uses less power meaning longer battery life.
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  5. dont forget that most people dont know about the difference (lackof) performance between DDR2 and DDR3 and automatically assume that any speed DDR3 would be much faster than DDr2. Its a selling feature as well as power savings; a win-win for the manufacturer
  6. I didn't realize that DDR3 memory would releave the battery usage. When I bought the laptop I felt the faster memory would offset the Celeron 900 processor. There's so much negative talk about Celeron's that I was afraid I was buying a dinosaur but I really didn't think I needed a super powerful core driven machine. Actually I don't know what people are doing with Core 3, 5, and 7's. If I were doing serious gaming I would propably want something bigger than a laptop but what do I know?
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