Upgrade of Pavillion 502n worth it

I have a couple of PC's in kids rec area and one of them is seldom used because its so slow - even basic Internet.

Its a HP Pavillion 502n running Windows XP SP3 with 1.3GHz celeron processor. Its had a few upgrades - now full 512Mb RAM, 80G HD and RADEON 9200 video card (think power supply was changed out too).

They are girls and current gaming tends to be either web-based or Sims.

At first I thought slowness was due to all the cr@p they install but I've reinstalled to a base OS etc (only 10Gb used) and still no better so thinkin of upgrading the motherboard, processor & RAM....... but is it worth it?

If it is can someone recomend a suitable motherboard/processor that will suit this case?

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  1. Also what tests should I run to see if I have motherboard, CPU, Memory or other hardware issue that is causing the slow response (i'm sure it never used to run this slow for basic Internet (and I have 25 Mbps/15 Mbps FiOS)
  2. Thats my thinking too, and I think one issue is the McAfee software as it runs better with it removed. I've run harddrive, CPU & memory tests and all clean.

    Think I will re-assign this peice of junk to be a MAME arcade machine and keep an eye on buy.com for something.
  3. I've upgraded things like memory. psu's, graphics cards etc. & loaded software just not clued up on what’s needed to build from scratch. I know most pre-built are junk but having teenage girls that are not big PC gamers they usually suit - for instance their other PC is a

    HP Pavillion a6244n
    Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
    3Mb Ram
    GE Force 8300 GS
    Vista Home Premium

    And this seems to meet all their current gaming needs - but with 2 of them they are always fighting over it.

    So if you have a suggestion on an I guess entry level gaming PC appreciate some guidane. (I think most intensive games are Sims 2/Harry Potter)
  4. $500ish but can buy over time if thats not realistic (once tax refunds are in)
  5. I'm definitly open to the idea - is there a good resource on how to select right parts. As you can see I don't need anything special at this time but be good to know can upgrade if required.
  6. Great - if your willing to provide a list of what I need really appreciate.
  7. Ha, Ha, Lucky You.

    No rush - like say may need to wait for Tax Rebate but can keep look out for specials on Newegg.
  8. I never received my registration email last time around so account was deleted. This time I did so hopefully I won't dissapear.

    Still interested in some DIY build guidance.

  9. Yeah was a problem with registration - hopefully won't get deleted again :)
  10. Yeah - same sort of budget.

    Was looking at this as a possible option - seems to come in around $550

    But open to other suggestions.
  11. Yep, the Tier1 does seem like a resonable system for not too much $$$

    If you think Tier1 is a good starting system then I'll keep bookmarked - then I'll see how tax rebates go and if I can stretch to a better system using some Tier2 parts. But this by far should be better than their current prime PC (Pavillion a6244n - 2.2GHz with #Gb RAM)
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