GA-X58-UD3R Automatic Shut Off

I'm currently planning on building a new PC. I plan on getting the GA-X58-UD3R for my motherboard to support a i7-950. I also want to water cool the system in order to make it silent and overclock simultaneously both CPU and GTX-580 video card. I plan to use a MCP655-B water pump (with an 3-pin RPM sensor).

My questions are:
- Does the motherboard have an option to automatically shut off if it senses failure on the water pump (or detects low RPMs)?
- If no, then is there an option to automatically shut off if it detects the CPU from getting too hot?
- If yes to any of the first two questions, then how effective would this feature be in preventing any components in the PC (mainly CPU and graphics card) from being damage?

I'm trying to determine if I need to buy a separate device that will perform this function if the motherboard does not already do this or is not effective at doing this.

So far, all my research indicates that the motherboard beeps if the CPU gets too hot, but doesn't shut it down.
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    the CPU will shut itself off if it gets too hot, no need for a separate option in the BIOS for that.
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