I5 750 and 5850 on H55

Hello Everyone.

I was planning on buying a new pc.
i mainly do gaming
my budged specs are as follows:

Processor: i5 750/760
RAM: 2x2GB ddr3
Grafix: ati 5850
monitor: 21.5" 1080p
and all da other stuffs

i will play games at maximum settings possible with my configuration at 1920x1080 resolution.

My question is, if i buy Asus p7h55-m (H55 Chip) motherboard, will i have any problem? i have already exceeded my budget and cannot give any extra for p55 mobo.
i want to know that will h55 bottleneck performance of i5 750 (or may b 760) and ati 5850???

another confusion is that, i m buying a thermaltake 500watt psu. shouldnt it b enough??

i really need a solution very fast

thanks for the answers
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  1. It will work without a problem, it won't bottleneck the performance maybe the OC potential a little compared to higher end mobos but everything will work as it should.

    The 500w psu should be enough, unless you plan to OC alot and go crazy on the HDDs, but make sure is a good one, TT makes some cheapo models and also some quality models, I'd get 550w to be safer, make sure it's 80+, active PFC, and has at least 40 amps on the 12v.
  2. i dont have plans of OC. i will hve 1 hdd.

    basically i m in Bangladesh nd we mailny hve TT PSU over here.
    da psu i selected is TT 500W (W0093 or sumthiin)

    the psu link

    will it b enough???
  3. It'll probably run, but the thing is low quality, only 29amps on the 12v.

    I'd get a better quality psu to be safe, something like this:
  4. Best answer
    Never get an H55 if you're getting a Dedicated GPU.

    If your Never going to CF -> $99 after rebate EVGA P55 LE 123-LF-E653-KR

    Otherwise, bit the bullet, and spend more..

    Open box -> ASRock P55 PRO/USB3

    Couple more $120 ->|13-128-425^13-128-425-TS,13-131-604^13-131-604-TS
  5. Bangladesh.... can't use newegg.

    Plus what's the problem with H55 mobos and dedicated card? as long as it's a single card there won't be any problems or bottlenecks
  6. I've done tons of posts on this. The onboard: often requires the second PCIe {slower} to be used x8 vs the 1st x16, sucks Physical RAM {often even if it's disabled}, cuts into the PCIe significantly if MOBO has a single PCIe, way too often cause 'oddball' failures, and the list goes on. DO NOT DO IT!!!

    If the OP's HD 5850 does 50FPS on H55 it'll do >65FPS on a P55.

    Here's a bad example {the differences are NOT CPU related - H55 vs P55}:
    Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 + Core i7 750 @ 2.67GHz
    Asus P7H55-M EVO + Core i5 661 @ 3.33GHZ

    source -
  7. O_o excuse my ignorance
  8. No, 99.99% think the same way. Ditto with HDD vs SSD v PCI SSD, GPUs, CPUs, PSUs, available bandwidth - SATA2 vs SAT3, RAM {Speed, CAS, Timings}, etc.

    We all need to dig into topics... I learn something new everyday.

    What really drives me nuts is that the H55 and P55 Intel chips cost the SAME.
  9. i m really confused nw.

    so whatever happens i should aviod h55 and go 4 p55?? @jaquith

    da psu wiinippongamer recommended may not b available in bangladesh.
    i hve found another.

    will it do it??

    and should i get i5 750 or 760??
  10. ^Yep, if you have a discrete {dedicated} GPU, as you clearly do the HD 5850 as listed, stay with the P55 MOBOs.

    Good Luck! :)
  11. That psu will do just fine.
  12. Thanks a lot guys.
    i will get a p55 mobo

    I personally went to da market nd did a research.
    i found da TT TR2 RX 550W PSU

    Itz specs are as follows:

    3.3v - 24 amp
    5v - 15 amps
    12v1 - 19amps
    12v2 - 19amps

    itz model is w0134 but does not match wid da 1 i mentioned above (da link)
    i hope it will b fine. as u c it has less amps on 3.3 v and 5v compared to da above link.

    can u plz help me wid dis 1???
  13. da psu i saw at da market is actually atx 12v 2.3 series.
    da link is

    plz check it out nd let me knw dat will it run my pc well.

  14. If you're going to OC then 550W~650W is the smallest I would recommend, and in general I prefer the Corsair PSUs {Single Rail, Japanese capacitors, over/under/fault protection} - Corsair VX550W, TX650W, or modular HX650W.
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