Video cards for m811

I want to buy an nVidia video card, but do not know which ones.
Can anyone tell me what video card is compatible with M811 v3.1 motherboard? Please
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  1. If this is your board it has a AGP x4 graphics slot.
    Today AGP cards are not to many and expensive for their performance and based on the age of the system it is not worth spending money on it since the CPU is outdated.
  2. I know that, I just asked :)
  3. prob

    but i don't know much anymore about older cards w/ an AGP interface
  4. ionut2539 said:
    I know that, I just asked :)

    Your best bet (price wise) is to look on ebay for a used GF6600, GF6800 or GF7600 card if you are dead set on getting a new card. Those cards will give you good performance in older games.
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