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Hi everyone. I recently posted on here about what power supply to get for my new video card. I recently purchased an ASUS Geforce 9800 GT with 516mb and needed to upgrade my psu to at least a 400w. I bought a BFG 680w ATX 12v 2.2 with quad 12v rails. The package says its compatible with AGP, PCI and PCI Express and is SLI ready. My problem is that it doesnt have a 4 pin connector to power my processor. its a AMD Athlon 64 (I know i need to upgrade but Im saving my money for that now. it sucks being disabled and on a fixed income with bills and an old lady! LOL) So what did I do wrong on this? Did i just purchase the wrong PSU? I just got the thing and it was 65 bucks altogether. Also it says it is supposed to work with what I have so is this the companies fault? Is my motherboard an ATX or what? This has me stumped and any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You guys have yet to let me down. I love this community. Thanks in advance.
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    If it's the LS-680, it should have an 8pin (4+4) CPU 12V Power Connector. Maybe you can split the 8pin connector? If it's not possible, there should be one 4pin connector.

    I think it's the same for the MX-680, but I'm not sure.
  2. yes it is the LS series. let me look and see if any of the 8 pins will seperate into two. Ill post again in a minute or two.
  3. OMG! Thank you so much for the post. i just found an 8 pin that seperates! Now I can start putting this thing together. I really appreciate the post. I wouldve sent it back if you hadnt brought that to my attention.
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  5. The eight pin does in fact separate into two, it's a 4+4 pin which will just work as a 4 pin CPU header.

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  6. If your motherboard has room you can also leave them together and just plug the correct half in. This can aid in wire/case management.
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