Video editing

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: For a friend. Like in 1 week

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Video editing, and watching HD videos too. No blue-ray required

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS, PSU, case)



-CPU: Core i5-750 ?????
-Motherboard: Any for the i5-750
-Video card: HD 5450 1GB 64bit
-Memory: ?????
-Hard drives: ?????
-Monitor: 1080p (1920x1080) ?????



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: As cheap as possible: just need the basics for video editing without lag (remember it's not that of a "professional video editing" tower)

What are your opinions on the memory, hard drives needed (I've heard that 1 for boot and 1 for data is better, is that right?), monitor?

What is the best monitor for watching HD videos? 19"?

Is the i5-750 the best for the price for std video editing?
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  1. Hi,

    I am an editor and have been researching my 3rd NLE build, here, for about 3 months, now.

    First off ... The i5-750 is a pricey gamer's OC chip .. Not at all appropriate for edit.

    You will want an AMD Phenom-II Black Edition Quad Core of at least 3.0GHz on an 890GX mobo, with a hyper-212 cooler and 4GB of RipJaws 1600c7, to start ...

    You will want one PNY 9800GT-EE 1GB graphics card. (Tiger has .. Egg does NOT have).

    You will want ONE Seagate 7200.12 500GB/7200RPM HDD (for boot & apps).

    You will want ONE Seagate 7200.12 1TB/7200RPM HDD (for media content and archives).

    You will want ONE SAMSUNG SATA 22X DVDR (with Lightscribe) ~$26

    You will want an Antec 300 ILLUSION case (ILLUSION model comes with fans)

    You will want a Corsair 650-TX 650Watt PSU

    I recommend THIS monitor (one or two)

    I recommend Vegas Platinum9 Pro Pack for basic home edit. $95

    You will want Win7-Pro 64Bit (OEM or Academic) OEM = $99

    You *may* want a Logitech 8-button mouse

    You *may* want a $20 card reader for your front panel.

    I can post links and totals, if this looks good to you.

    = Regards =
  2. I'm not so sure about that monitor. It only has a 160 degree viewing angle. It means you get washed out colors if your slightly above or below the monitor.
  3. I've read posts from other veteran users saying to guys who bought AMD Phenom IIs should have bought i5 / i7 CPU. What you think? I don't remember if it was i5 / i7, cuz quad core i5s don't have Hyper Threading, and that's supposed to be the point on getting Intel CPUs rather than AMD Processors I believe

    Edit: Don't worry about the monitor, I got one in mind already...
  4. Well here is the deal on Socket 1156 ...

    This 1156 pin socket can hold Core-i3, Core-i5 and Core-i7 Processors.

    The i3s are fairly whimpy and employed primarily for office, HTPC, and trading, etc. and some i3 CPUs sport integrated graphics.

    The i5s ... The Core i5-750, for instance, does not have hyperthreading, but can OC very well, and is the optimum choice, for a dedicated game build (but is not at all appropriate for graphics/edit).

    The i7-860 is for intermediate (up to 50Mb/sec codecs) editing and photo-rendering, trans-coding, etc. ... It is based on almost the same internals as the Socket 1366 i7-920 (The 860 has 4 hyperthreading cores) but is based on the reduced pin-count Socket 1156 AND the PCIe 1x slots are capped at 250MB/sec (PCIe 1.0 bandwidth).

    I DO NOT LIKE the socket 1156, except for trading (integrated 2xmonitor), and HTPC apps. The intrisic limitations of the Socket, the Segment, and the Southbridge make it a very poor value, indeed, as a breakout-box for the Nehalem/Gulftown Architecture.

    From *ALL* my research, thus far, "The Standard Edit/Render Rig" Can only be one of two chipsets ... X58 or 890GX ... period.

    At the lowest end (for respectable CS5 "Production Suite" performance) is a Phenom-II and only the 955@3.2GHz and 965@3.4GHz are "viable" for professional work. That would come with a good air cooler for OC to near 4GHz and 8GB of 1600Cas7 (Dual Ch).

    From there, You skip completely over the Socket 1156 "brood" to the Socket 1366-i7(X58) with PCIe 2.0 on all lanes, for fully saturated USB3/SATA3 throughput and HD-SDI capture cards, etc. I Don't think 12GB RAM is overkill for a render rig, but 6GB (This is 3-Channel RAM) would do ya.

    Discreet GPU cards? ... On the lowest end,one or two PNY 9800GT-EE 1GB cards and ..
    Stepping up to GT250 (one or two) ... all the way up to One QuadroFX 1800 or above.

    You can add any nVidia Geforce or Quadro, as a secondary display adapter ... Both Win7 and nVidia will see and use them (including combined CUDA compute).

    Personally, for most "sane" productions, I would value the transcoding performance of more and faster cores and RAM, than the 3D/CG/Particle render performance offered by the higher end GPUs. if costs must be balanced. Depends on what you do most. I try to avoid "Disco 3D" flying metallic titles and unmotived flash-bang transitions, like the plague! .... I like nice 2-to-4 frame soft-cuts and "L"-cuts and brief classic titles.

    Anyway ... That is how I view the platform break-down ... It is a hard choice, for me. I am tempted to just "limp along" until the X58 successor hits the channel, and then go "X59" 4Core with 12GB Cas6 and ONE ... WHIMPY ... PNY 9800GT-EE 1GB.

    Also consider the INTEL 80GB M/G2 SSD, for boot and CS5.

    Consider TWO Seagate 7200.12 1TB in RAID0 for HD-SDI 4:2:2 capture and streaming.

    = Alvin =
  5. Hey Alvin... I would like to invest as little as possible cuz I'm not that of a professional editor (should have stated that b4).

    But I need it to run fast, and that's a big problem when it's a limited budget. AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE overclocked to 3.8 GHz doesn't pass Core i7-920 at stock speed. Also, I've heard that triple channel does an incredible boost over dual channel memory. Will it still be a better choice to choose the 955/965?

    About the GPU, why do some people say that GPU is not that important in video editing? Some even say that you can do it with cheap GPUs like the 5450.

    What's your opinion?
  6. You dont need a discreet GPU for video editing, a fast cpu with more cores, the better.

    I can convert a 1.5G .avi to dvd in 9 minutes, on i3 540 4.4GHz, my buddys i7 980x 4.4 can do the same file in 4 minutes. Price difference is over $900.

    The i3 is not a real popular CPU, but it has tons of power. I would bench against an AMD 965 anyday with my i3.
  7. I don't know why Alvin hates the i5 so much, when it does perform better than any Phenom II. Even Tom's review of the i5 does swing in the favor of it:,2410-11.html

    Also there are budget i5 boards that are also available now. Also technically, the i7-8xx and i5-7xx have more in common than the 9xx series.

    Triple-channel may or may not matter, a better processor would give you better real-world results than going that route. Besides triple-channel is only available on the 1366 platform, a platform that still couldn't be considered "cheap".

    For the gpu, it is mostly used for video playback and really doesn't help with the transcoding unless your application supports CUDA, Stream or OpenCL.
  8. daship said:
    The i3 is not a real popular CPU, but it has tons of power. I would bench against an AMD 965 anyday with my i3.

    The i3 is really only a dual-core and would be killed off by even the 955. HT couldn't beat a real core anyday.
  9. I really can't believe you guys ... tsk, tsk.

    First ... I hate the Socket 1156 because it is too lame to compete with Socket 1366 and way too expensive to compete with the Black Quads.

    If you are editing HDV or up to 25Mbit/sec H.264 with VEGAS (platinum or pro) or Liquid Edition or Premier LE, or uLead MSP, or Power Director and you need lots of connectivity for HTPC and Audio Studio breakout gear, then get a 955 or 965.

    IF, HOWEVER, ...

    ... If you make your living as a photographer or videographer or if you are fully commited to ADOBE CS4/CS5 or AVID or BORIS and Magic Bullet and/or if you are using any other apps (including VEGAS) where you are working with HD-SDI or codecs in excess of 40Mbits/sec ... If you do longer program formats and render at highest quality ... if you do weekly or monthy programming in excess of 30 minutes each ... If you work with 3D and Particle FX ... motion titles ... or, if you are heavily into AutoDesk/AutoCAD or are authoring 3D games ... THEN a socket 1366 is pretty much a must and up to TWO QuadroFX cards (or 470/480s) would not be overkill.

    The real difference is in VERY large/long renders ... where, several percent increase in performance (speed) can shave hours off of a render ...

    ... Sorry, Kiddies ... We ain't rippin' and burnin' DVDs, here ... That is FAR below the performance level required for those Pro activities, just mentionned.

    I might consider an 1156/i7-860 ... maybe ... ... ... naw. (1366 is just a bit more).

    PS ... I don't make this stuff up.

    = Alvin =
  10. BTW ... Try this on your i3 or i5 ...

    Take some "busy" HDV footage (lots of motion and detail) ... say, 10 minutes.

    Edit that, and transcode the output to 25Mbits/sec AVCHD-MP4/H.264 at highest quality and constant bit rate (2-pass)... see how long that takes you.

    AND ... THAT is ONLY consumer grade 25Mbit 4:2:0 color-space and a Long-Frame codec ...

    Now, up that to a P2 format like Intra-50 or Intra-100 (Mbits) 4:2:2 10-bit or uncompressed HD-SDI and THEN see what happens with your i3 (or even the much faster 955, for that matter). That would be a non-starter. Then go with 4 RT layers/streams of all that ... a very modest edit.

    I am not EVEN going to go into GPU accelerated functions ... Your IGP would likely take YEARS to do what a lowly 9800GT (or even GT220) can do in minutes.

    An i3 ? ... Not bloody likely, Champ!
  11. Got it: 955/965 ftw for low price selection. What about RAM? How much (as minimum for no lag) do I need?
  12. Best answer
    I would see 4GB as a useful minimum and 8GB as a plump maximum ... The OS can make use of more RAM, too!

    Here is the sweet-spot, in price performance.

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM $119.99 Free Shipping*

    8GB will cost you an extra ~$125 ... That ain't chicken feed, but would help more than a better GPU.

    I would look up the $129-$139 Gigabyte 890GX mobo (use newegg power search)
    and a 955 and a hyper-212+

    Spinpoint F3 drives (500GB or 1TB) ... matched pair for HD-SDI RAID-0

    INTEL 80GB M/G2 SSD (for boot and apps) ... if you can afford (otherwise 500GB F3)
    One Terabyte F3 drive (just one) for up to HDV rez or 1080P@25Mbits/sec H.264.

    Corsair 650W (good for up to two 9800GT-EE or GT250 cards)

    One or two PNY 9800GT-EE cards ... newegg don't have .. tiger does have.

    Sony or SAMSUNG 22x DVDR

    Also, get a ROSEWILL PCIe 1x 2+1 firewire 400 card ... for 2nd "full-band" port $25

    card reader ? ... web-cam (720P)? ... extra HDMI adapter for 2nd HDMI mon ?

    I recommend Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum (w/Pro Pack) for $95 and Adobe PhotoShop Elements ... ProSonus makes nice firewire pro-audio interfaces.

    I can point you at some outstanding audio project studio tools, if you want, because people will forgive bad video, but they will not forgive a crappy sound-track !
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  14. Ok, thanks for all your help =)
  15. = g'luck ! =
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