Crysis ISsues

My system is as follows
Intel I7 930
Gigabyte x58a ud7
6gb Gskill Ripjaws 1600mhz
Dual 5770's in Xfire
1000w PSU
Xigmatek Dark Knight
BenQ G220HD

My problem is when i start crysis it only uses 2/3 of the screen i believe its 800x600 by memory and i have tried 1920x1080 the mouse becomes off the screen when trying to click any of the options and even if i exit the game or restart the system it doesnt save the settings even if i save them
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  1. Press Alt+Enter to go into full screen mode
  2. A couple of thoughts - since you didnt mention them.

    You have checked the Full Screen box in the game menu right?

    In CCC you should change the setting for GPU scaling. Just switch it from whatever you have.

    What cable are you using? DVI, HDMI? Change it out and just try something else...

    Are you running Win 64 - it looks like it. Are you running the 64 bit version of Crysis? Shouldnt matter - thought I would ask
  3. Fixed the issue changed OS to 32Bit evrything works well now. Only Issue i have is that when i play crysis there is pixellation in the sky tried evrything i could think of and cant fix it. if i alt+tab when in the game it goes away but obviously i want to play at full screen. I have tried changing resolution and changed detail to optimal setting to no effect.
  4. any help would be appreciated
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