Hrtxxm.exe - unable to locate component- application failed to start because UNI

I accidentaly deleted this file to the recycle bin and realized I made a mistake so I sent everything in it back but it said that the uniansi was put back but NOT to it's original position, now I can't get into add/ remove programs or how to find and reinstall this component and can't find it to do it or to get it into the add/remove prog to reinstall ?? need help, I can't even download security software becaue whn I try to download it just blinks and is no where to be found!! Can a brain out there tell me how to fix this, I'm guessing it's simple I just can't figure the basic way to do it since I can't even get into the simple programs to do it with this "unable to locate the component uniansi.dll .. thanx for your help! I can't even get into program access and defaults and can't restore my computer to an earlier state the same error pops up
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  1. hrtxxm.exe does not belong to anything is the the exact name? The uniansi.dll is an MS Zone file, which makes it odd that it's preventing you from doing anything as MS Zone is an outdated Microsoft gaming site.

    You can get a copy of that dll here just click on the link at the bottom in "Steps to install..." box.
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