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Can anyone help point me in the right direction of how to connect the cooler master cm690 cables to the ga-790xta-ud4? The fan, hd audio, ac'97 cables are confusing me. Also, will I have a lot of left over plugs from a antec ea-750 power supply?
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  1. If you read your Mobo's instruction book (look on the Manf's site if you dont own one), It will point out which cable goes where, or more correctly which sockets are there for you to use, but I pulled up a pic of the board and I think I can see three 3pin sockets on there one of which will be marked up as cpu fan, one as chassis fan which are sef-explanatory, and a whole load of socketage down one side which is where your audio and power switches etc are going to live, but youll have to look in the book for exact placings as I can find a better picture to zoom in on, Best I can do im afraid man, Gl
  2. As for cables, what else do you need to power? graphics cards, spare fans,lighting etc?
    the antec ea-750 has a pair of gfx power plugs, 3x molex plugs,3 Sata plugs plus the mobo power leads, assuming you dont have greedy gfx card/cards or a billion spare fans, I think youll be ok, there is also the option of modular cabling in case you need more cables though,
  3. Ok, So the fans get there own power connections off the psu? I am confused because each of the two case fans has a small 3wire plug that is plugged into cables that have two larger 4 prong plugs (1female, 1 male).

    Also, I have an "ac '97" and "hd audio" cable from the top panel of the case, with only one "f audio" slot on the board. Should I plug in the hd audio into that slot?

    Thanks for helping!
  4. Fans can either be powered from the mobo, or straight from the psu, if you have the three wire pins on the fans, use them on the motherboard sockets (keep the adaptors though, may be handy in future) and that 'saves' the molex for anything else you may need them for, it also lets the pc 'see' the fans whereas fans from the psu arent monitored in any way, with the sound cables I'd say you look to be on the right track, doublecheck the manual for which pin on the socket does what, but I think they should be the ones you want
  5. Motopsycho, thank you very much. Here is my next dilemma, I have a cpu fan plug, a pwr_fan, a sys_fan1 and sys_fan 2. The cpu_fan is self-explanitory, and obvious. That leaves me with a the pwr and sys1, sys2 fans. I have two case fans, on in the front bottom and one in the back, upper rear area. These are both 3 pin fans. Sys_fan 1 is a 4 pin male connector (on the mobo). Should I plug in the front fan (3 pin) to the sys2_fan and the rear fan (3pin) to the pwr_fan connection on the mobo?
  6. You can use any of the three available fan headers for your case fans. Just use whichever one's closest to the fan you're trying to power. A 3-pin fan will work just fine on a 4-pin motherboard header.

    You should also use the "HD Audio" connection. The "AC '97" is for older systems.

    Yes, you will have quite a few unused cables coming from your EA-750 PSU. Just tuck them away somewhere where they're out of the way.
  7. Sounds like a good option to me Zepp, you COULD use the 4 pin socket, but you'd have to figure out which 3 pins to use, one is for temperature sensing and if you only have three pins on plug, would be disregarded, if you have 3 pin sockets to use, I would say use them man, Glad to have helped in some way :)
  8. The 3-pin connector can only plug in one way. The motherboard connector has a plastic piece sticking up that will line up with a slot in the fan connector. You can't plug it in wrong.
  9. ok, i just find it weird that the back rear fan has a short cable, and can barely reach the sys_fan2 and pwr_fan connectors on the mobo... Thanks guys.
  10. If you're having a hard time getting the cable to reach the motherboard then you can just plug it directly into the PSU using the molex connector (the bigger 4-pin connector).
  11. Next question: My psu has a cable that comes out of it with the label 8pin(PCI)express, with three connectors coming out of it. Two are 6pins and one is two pins. I'm assuming the two 6pins connect to my 5850 video card, but what do I do with the remaining two pin connector? Thank you again...
  12. The two extra pins just hang there not doing anything. They're only used for graphics cards that require an 8-pin connector.

    Edit: Actually, I just read the specs and the EA-750 has 2 6-pin PCI-E power connectors and 2 6+2-pin PCI-E connectors. You don't need to use either of the 6+2-pin connectors. Just use the two 6-pin connectors.
  13. The 6 pin connectors are very common for decent graphics cards but the 6+2 is for ultra high end cards which require (I think 150W?). The extra 2pin is an extra in case your GPU needs an 8 pin connector.
  14. shortstuff_mt, how do I tell the difference between the 2 6 and 2 6+? I have two sets of cables that look like they will power the video card. One is permanently installed in the psu, and one is a separate cable that has a red connector on it that can connect into the red slot on the psu. I'm assuming this would be for the second video card? They both look identical, except for their connection method to the psu.
  15. The 6-pin connectors only have 6 pins. The 6+2 connector has 8 pins with two that can be detached like you described. I would just use the two PCI-E cables that are in the main cable bundle. There's no reason to plug in the two extra cables.
  16. Ok, I will just connect the "permanently connected" cables, and leave the single, 2 pin female connector hanging off. Thank you.
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