Bios appears in code

Our PC won't start up. BIOS appears in a jumble of code like this:

My partner is more PC-savvy than I am - but we're basically clueless as to what the problem is.

Does this look like a corrupt BIOS, fried motherboard, some sort of virus, or something else entirely? And do you think that our hard-drives (three separate ones) will be !@#$ed as well?

We're running Windows XP and PC is 5-6 years old. Home brew PC, so I think MB is Gigabyte K8 Triton nForce4SLI Series (GA-K8N-SLI) supporting an AMD Athlon 64 Processor.

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  1. P.S. we already took the round battery out, but it didn't do anything.
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    I've encountered something like this before. The garbled graphics point to a problem with the video card or PCI Express slot or maybe even the power supply unit.

    Try re-seating the video card by uninstalling it from the PCI Express slot and then re-inserting it, to see if that solves the problem.

    If re-seating the video card doesn't solve the problem then try a new/different video card.

    If the problem still occurs with a new/different video card then it could be a power supply problem.

    Hard disk drives shouldn't have been affected.
  3. Random characters, combined with the random artifacts, looks like a bad video card in my opinion. Hard drives should be just fine. Might reseat the video card or try swapping it with a different one first.
  4. Thank you both for such informative and prompt answers. Your help led us to the conclusion that the fan on the graphics card stopped working, so spot on! (And what a relief to know that HDs are ok!)

    Thanks again!
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