Catalyst 10.3 and Windows Experience Index Rating

After Installing Catalyst 10.3 with updated driver for my HD4870, Windows Experience Index Rating of my Graphics reduced from 7.5 to 7.4.
Does anyone know why? thx
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  1. Windows experience index means jack **** for example it says that my HD5850 clocked at 1Ghz core and 1200mem is 6.9 for gaming where as your getting 7.4 with a 4870 and obviously a 5850 is faster than a 4870.

    What matters is 3dmark05

    But seriously what matters is game performance, don't worry about windows experience index.
  2. Probably an evil scheme between ATi and MS to make you ditch your 4870 and get a new 5870. But seriously, the drivers must work worse for however Windows tests your GPU. I got a 7.2 rating with a HD 4770 @ stock on 10.1 drivers, and honestly I really wouldn't care what Windows says. I'd care what FRAPS says about Crysis.
  3. Cmon people - ignore the Windows experience performance index. It is irrelevant - I doesnt mean anything. I dont even bother to look at it anymore.

    Second, AMD listed the performance increase for 10.3 in their release notes. You know 5% equated to maybe 1 or 2 fps in a game - maybe. Your eyes cannot see that..

    If you are above 60fps and playing on an LCD you cannot display that (ex the new 120+ refresh rate monitors)...
  4. And just to show its pointlessness, my 5850 (much lower OC than omg) scores something like 7.8 (I'll have to double check though).
  5. why care about WEI? :sweat:
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