Upgrading to i7 from e8400- i need help

Hi guys, I want to upgrade to an i7 from my e8400. Do you guys think It's a good idea or will I notice a big difference?

I don't know which i7 to get, hopefully someone can help me with this. Best model, best bang for buck?

That means I'm going to need a new mother board. What do you guys recommend best bang for buck on the 1366 mother boards?

I don't want to go over $300 on each of these items separately.

Thank you very much. Trust you guys will help me on this.
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  1. Hard to say if it'd be worth it, depends on what you do.

    I game/internet on an E8200 (OC'd) and it'd be better money spent for me if I just upgraded my GPU and hard drive to a SSD.

    If you encode videos all the time then the i7 will be great upgrade.
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