Computer reboots for a reason unknown

I little history of my current problem:
So about week ago, my computer starts rebooting when I load games up to play. First it would show graphical lines all over the screen, and then the system would reboot. At first I figured I had a virus, so I formatted the HDD and installed my Windows 7 x64 back onto it, installed the correct drivers etc.. It's still restarting when I try and play games. Not only that but it has graphical glitches on boot up and on the desktop. So I retrieved my old video card(radeon x800xl) and put it in place of my current card(Geforce 9800gtx). I installed the correct video drivers, after I uninstalled my old video drivers. My computer was running great like this. Absolutely nothing was wrong.

After that week, it started doing exactly the same thing it was doing a week prior, restarting in games after a few graphical glitches. After about a day of trying to figure it out, it started booting up with the same graphical glitches it would do when I loaded games, and eventually started either freezing right before windows would load, or do a restart loop. So, since I can't even work with it on the desktop now, I might as well try out the video card I replaced again, So I put that back in and installed the correct drivers again. After 2 manual restarts the graphic glitches went away and it seemed like it was usable again. YEAH!

But wait, not I'm at my current problem

At this point I was pretty confident that I was able to play games without it screwing up again. But no, I was completely wrong. It was still glitching up as I started playing the game. It progressed to a state of freezing before windows fully loaded again. Right now I am typing this in safe mode(which seems to be the only thing that works)

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E SLI AM2 NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Display: GeForce 9800 GTX
Power Supply: COOLMAX CUG-700B 700W ATX12V v2.2

This is driving me crazy. What can I do to fix this.
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    What are your CPU temps? Speedfan can check temps as well as monitor hard drives do alot of other useful things as well. Check hard drive SMART values and make sure all are within the norm.
    Download Speedfan here :

    Check the memory with memtest:

    Coolmax is a cheap power supply. Cheap power supplies fail. Check computer with a different one.
  2. These are the temp reading while in safe mode. I can't really see what they say while not in safe mode since, well, I can't even boot it up like that. =/
    Temp1: 54c
    Temp2: 35c
    Temp3: 25c
    Temp: 62c
    HD0: 27c
    Temp1: 40c
    Core: 56c

    I can probably assume the "Core" is the cpu. I'm not too sure what the rest, besides HD0, are.

    I did an "in-depth online analysis of this hard disk" through SpeedFan and the only thing that didn't say it was "Very good" was:
    "7 Airflow Temperature 73 27 Good"
    And I don't think "good" is a bad thing.

    I'm still trying to figure out MemTest.

    Oh yeah, I'm not sure if this helps, but I have a box fan blowing into my case right now. My brother said that if that doesn't help me, it's probably not an overheating issue.

    About the PSU. Are you saying that if my PSU is failing, it would show me signs like what I said it's been doing? (graphic glitches followed by restarts etc.) I'll try putting in my old 500 watt PSU, Though it's only a 20 pin power connector and doesn't have the power cables that plugs into my Video card.
  3. I looked around about what happens when your PSU fails and I saw somewhere(i forget where) that one of the major things that would happen is exactly what has been happening to my computer for the past week. So I'm pretty convinces that it's my PSU that I need to replace.

    What would be a good budget PSU with 600-700 or so watts, that wont die within a year?(like this one :()

    Thanks guys for the help :)
  4. Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 Modular Active PFC Power Supply found on for about $56 after MIR. Plenty of power for your system and a reliable psu.
  5. I just connected the new power supply, got pretty much what you recommended. Looks like it's doing that same thing as with the other power supply.
  6. This could also be bad RAM. Try Windows 7 built in diagnostic. Tutorial here:
  7. I ran the Diagnostic, and the results came in negative. It read no errors in the proccess.

    I've ruled out a problem with the video card(since it's happening with multiple ones) and also PSU. The only thing left that I can think would do this is the motherboard.
  8. Yeah it about has to be the motherboard. Did you try memtest in addition to the Windows 7 tool? I would run it overnight just to be sure. Just for the hell of it I would also try Prime 95 or Orthos or Everest just to be certain stressing the computer might not make the problem obvious.
  9. Kinda weird, I went out to buy a motherboard the other day. Came home with it in hand, turned on the computer and to my surprise the computer worked fine. Without even putting the thing inside.

    The computer has the same parts in it as it had when the problem started. I am really really confused at the moment. I'm keeping the motherboard for a week or so in case the problem presents itself again.

    And again, thanks for the help thus far. I really appreciate it. ~
  10. So today my computer started the same old thing again. I ended up trying to reinstall my DirectX, and it started working again. Could having maybe the wrong version of DirectX cause all of those issues? I really didn't think that would be the problem.
  11. No I sure have not heard of DirectX causing anything like that.

    You have effectively replaced all of the parts in the PC except the RAM if I am reading that right. You did or did not replace the MB?

    Run memtest. Have you tried my other suggestions of running Prime 95 or Orthos or Everest ? These are all programs designed to stress your computer and make it fail and to show you what failed.

    You replaced that junk Coolmax PSU right? With what?
  12. The PSU didn't really change anything when I tried the new one, so I returned it. After a little more playing with my system, it started acting up again even after the DirectX reinstall, so my claim about that was a bit premature.

    Though, I have noticed that after I use the Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic tool, my system can run games and any other video heavy programs for a few hours. I'm thinking there could be something wrong with the memory. Though, I wasn't under the impression that the diagnostic tool actually did anything to the RAM. Plus the result from the tool says that there were no problems detected.

    BAH, I'm not angry that my computer is not working properly. What I am angry about, is the spontaneous "HEY I'M YOUR COMPUTER AND I DON'T WANT TO WORK ANYMORE, AND I'M NOT GOING TO BE EASY TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX" thing. BAHHASAUSGDOGHASDFLGKABNSDFLGKASF(yeah, it's driving me crazy)
  13. Oh yeah, when I bought the Mobo replacement, I came home and my computer was working again, so I never even tried it and returned it back to Fry's.

    I'll try those stress test programs, that's actually something I have been looking for.
  14. Bingo!

    I ran Prime95's Torture Test for over 7 hours now, and only the Worker#1 window stopped reporting: "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4".

    I honestly don't really know what that means, so if anyone could help interpret that, it'd be much appreciated!
  15. Rounding error means memory I believe. I thought from the first post it sounded like a bad PSU or bad memory.
  16. I'm going to bump this thread back up since I'm having this problem still, but ever since a day or 2 ago, I can't manage it.
    Don't ask me why it would help, but merely doing a windows7 memory diagnostic, it would work for at least 5 hours before my system crashed again, so I would just do that everytime I wanted to play a game. Now it's just not working for any longer than 15 or so minutes no matter what.

    I have tried other ram and concluded that it's probably my motherboard that is corrupted or something. I've ruled out psu and video earlier in this thread already. with my new onset of problems, could anyone take a guess as to how I could manage this problem?
  17. I thought we had this one fixed. Prime 95 found memory errors right? But different memory produced the same errors?

    Just for drill you could try reseating the heatsink and reapplying thermal compound. 56c is not overload for that CPU if it is under stress but it is getting close. If it is idling at 56c then that is a problem.

    What kind of case/airflow do you have?
  18. Mid tower case, with a small side fan. Other than that just your normal large back fan, psu, cpu and gpu fans. I might be able to mess around with the wires to make airflow a little better, but I wouldn't really say it has terrible airflow.

    ps. A side note is that I have tried, in the past, to put a box fan blowing in my open case. Didn't help anything. I haven't tried it recently though.
  19. Alright lets check those temps again. Try Hardware Monitor.

    If this is not it I am starting to think you might have a bad motherboard. I swear though it sounds like bad RAM or a bad power supply. Also having crash after crash can corrupt Windows. Aslo when you ran SpeedFan did you check your hard drive SMART values?

    It might be time to start replacing components.
  20. So, I was bringing it up with some friends and one mentioned that it could be an issue with the PCI-E slot. I recalled that I really haven't tried using my second PCI-E slot yet and went ahead and did it.

    So far so good. I haven't had any problems an hour later, when before I was crashing after mere seconds.

    I feel like an idiot for not thinking of this before. I guess time will tell if this is truly what was wrong.
  21. Fingers crossed lol.
  22. Haha you respond quick :o

    And I spoke too soon. I just crashed.
  23. Breadboard the PC. Strip the parts out of the case and build it caseless. That will eliminate any problems caused by the case.

    Also, did you test your new PSU in another system? "Brand new out of the box" is not the same as "known good".
  24. I'm breadboarded at the moment. What exactly should I be looking for like this?

    Another thing that I thought I mentioned but my post didn't go through is that most of the time after my system crashes for whatever reason, I will reboot my system and it will boot up with the red graphic glitches all over the monitor and end up only running one monitor(I usually run 2). In addition, when I tried to load a game up(just to see what would happen) it would not load and tell me something like "You do not have the proper 3d acceleration" or something like that.

    No I didn't try the new PSU in another system. Unfortunately, I returned it a few days after I tried it.
  25. So I've given false information it seems.

    I decided to recheck my old video card since my system was all out in the open already, that one booted up all glitchy like my current one does, no surprise. BUT. It looks slightly different than I'm used to.
    I went and put that video card in another computer setup(different mobo, cpu and ram) which luckily had a pciE slot. It booted up glitchy on that one too. Great, so my old video card was broken this whole time, and I never proved that there was nothing wrong with my current card.

    I have my OLD OLD card in my system right now(radeon 9200 pci). It boots up just fine and I want to try and play games on this one to see if it crashes, but I can't seem to install it's drivers. I'm not able to load any games.
  26. Wow I love it when the things you test with are faulty too. Makes it so much fun to figure out what is wrong!
    You also have to remember Prime 95 found memory errors!
  27. I was running speed fan while my system was out in the open and it said my gpu was idling at 80 degrees. So I faced my box fan into the rig and went down to about 60-65. I was trying to set random computer fans up to improve airflow and reduce the temperature even further since that could have been the problem all along, which is when my system just shut off. I didn't notice it at first since my Huge box fan was at full blast and I can hardly hear myself think, but I did see the monitors turn off etc. At this point I'm telling myself I really hope I didn't short something out.

    So I put all my parts back into my case and try to turn on my computer. It gave me the 1 long and 2 short beep sequence. Video card was seated properly and everything. I don't know what was going on there. So I finally got on an hour later.

    Now back to my overheating issue. 80 degrees I know is way too hot for idling. What should it be sitting at while idling and under load? I'm about to run Furmark.

    --On a side note, my monitor is currently showing a bunch of jagged red/blue lines across it, and my video driver says this: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
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