Gaming WIRELESS mouse + keyboard?

I am looking to do some gaming on my newly built HTPC. Any of you aware of some pretty good *wireless* mice & keyboards out there? As in.. low lag, good tracking, no key ghosting, etc. I think I want Bluetooth unless there is a good reason to get something else. ? I can't seem to find much info out there in the wireless segment.

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  1. The reason you can't find much info about the wireless peripherals for pc gaming is cuz most people still prefer hardwired keyboards/mice to ensure that there is absolutely no loss of data and faster response rates..

    Personally, i would stick with wired but you want a HTPC! what a dilemma!

    I don't know much about wireless gaming peripherals.. I know logitech has the g7 mouse but don't know much about other gaming gear that's wireless..

    Someone help this guy!
  2. I'm also interested about this topic. Posting so I can find this later on.
  3. Razer wireless gaming mouse:

    Microsoft wireless gaming mouse:

    As for gaming keyboards, I have never seen a wireless one and doubt they exist.
  4. You would be fine with a regular wireless keyboard for gaming.. Although its recommended to to have a wired mouse as response times matter more with mouse movements.. Take a look at these -
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