Best lowprofile card that can crossfire or sli?

Hey guys i'm currently in the market for low profile cards that can crossfire or sli as far as i know the best lowprofile card is a 9800gt but is there a sli version or something>
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  1. I'd say a single slot radeon 5xxx series. or maybe you could get a nice big juicy card and find a small aftermarket cooler for it e.g. water block.
  2. Low profile has nothing to do with the width, it's the height he's talking about.

    I'm thinking 4670, let me see..

    This 4650 supports Xfire, they claim

    I would be more willing to bet on this Sapphire though

    Still, 4650 is not a great card. CF would be better than a single 9800GT though, I think. Perhaps only a bit though.

    You would be better off getting a taller case.
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