Radeon 5800-series card/green tint on extended display

Hello everyone!
I'm facing a green tint on extended flat panel using HDMI cable. I have the latest drivers but the problem persists.

I have to temporarily reset the display to get rid of the green tint. This is discussed in multiple forums but there seems to be no solution to this, yet.
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  1. System: Win 7/64
    gigabyte (radeon) HD 5850
    Philips 37" flat panel
    graphics driver version:
  2. Do u have a spare cable? U can try that one...
    Does it happened(green tint) when u are doing something?
  3. Thanks for the reply...
    For an aswer: no...it does go green allthow the screen is totally idle. Sometimes it returns back and sometimes not.

    Please do ask anything that is relevant..
  4. Have another monitor? just checking whether your current monitor is okay or not...
    Make sure all the cables are properly inserted...
  5. Sorry for this delay...
    No there is no other tv I could try. TV- cable-adapter are all brand new.
    I guess I'll have to wait for new drivers to be available..
  6. Which version? 10.3?
    You can try the older driver or the one which came with the card...
    Or wait until 10.4 is out and try that one... :)
  7. I have hopes that the problem has been solved...
    I reactivated ATI color controls in Catalyst-> Graphics->Desktop properties -> Color
    So far a full scaled 1080p60 screen is stable...

    I'll get back if the problem persists...
  8. Problem got back in 25 minutes...Old vista drivers did not work either..I've tried all the slots and all the modes available...hmm...I'm thinking about taking this back to where I found it :P
  9. then bring it back to where you find it and let them test it...
    if the same problem exist then rma it... :)
  10. I'm inclined to believe the problem is related to the cable or poor seating of the video card. At least the times I've had poor tinting, this was why.
  11. Thanks for the comments..I did try a clean install without bells and whistles. Checked out that the card was firmly in place, tried both PCI-e slots. But the problem persists.

    Radeon is known to be under continuous development and far from being a finished product. Maybe Firegl was the right ATI card for me since I don't do that much gaming. What I know most of FireGL's won't come with hdmi, which is handy.

    This is a Gigabyte card so I might drop them some mail and discuss this matter.
  12. The setup works perfectly with the same cable via adapter on DVI port. So there was something with the card...I was hoping there was a fix to this...
  13. I solved this problem by manually lowering the refresh rate. For some reason, the default refresh rate was higher than what the monitor could support at the highest resolution. It was set to 75 Hz. I lowered it to 60 Hz and it worked.
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