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Less than a $1 per Gigabyte SSD deal : ) Vertex3

Great deal, I thought I'd share this .... Less than a $1 per Gigabyte

$99.99 -> Your Price: $74.99 -> $59.99 After $15.00 MIR

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    Very nice. Would make a good first time SSD boot drive for people without one.

    It has 3 years limited warranty BTW.
  2. Its practically the fastest SSD out there, and for the price like that, its a solid deal : )

    I remember paying $270 for Vertex 2 50GB : )
  3. Tom's Hardware publishes a daily deals article. The link is located in the latest news section on the home page. The source of the deals is Logic Buy. They also have several different pc hardware daily deals. Here is the link to the one for ssd's and hard disk drives:

    The daily deals include Newegg specials. You have to check every day and you have to be patient and wait to get the drive you want for a good price.

    Two weeks ago I purchased a Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD for $220.00 and free shipping. The Crucial m4 256GB was on sale for $199.99 and the Crucial m4 128Gb was on sale for $99.99. I can't remember the brand and model but there was a 64GB ssd on sale for $54.99.
  4. I think OCZ is cleaning the house of the Vertex3 and Agility3.

    That's why the deals.

    New Agility 4 is almost here,....
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