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so today i finally got all my components and began putting together my new system. after carefully reading the mobo user's manual, i began putting together my pc. first the psu, motherboard, then connected the 24-pin main power connector followed by the 8-pin 12v that my gigabyte ga-790xta-ud4 motherboard recommends. i then connected the F-panel connections according to the user manual . Threw on the cpu and ram then decided to fire up the system. unfortunately it didn't start up. i double checked all the connections, re-read the user's manual, but wasn't able to start up the PC. am i doing something wrong? or maybe i have a defective part? o yeah i have a cooler master cm690 and a antec tp-650w, and a gigabyte ga-790xta-ud4 mobo.what do i do ? please help.
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  1. Hi,

    Well ... It happens all the time and we troubleshoot many such problems. ... So many, in fact, that one of our senior techs compiled (and authored) a very comprehensive list of TS procedures that will solve or isolate the fault, every time.

    We could "re-enact" this list but it is much quicker if we just "dump it to you", so you can peruse it yourself.

    It works ... heed it reverently and it will solve the mystery.

    Of course, we are right here, to consult with.

    (PS: It looks like you did the 1st two steps, already BUT check the photos too !)

    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

    "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist

    This checklist is a compilation of troubleshooting ideas from many forum members. It's very important to actually perform every step in the checklist if you want to effectively troubleshoot your problem.

  2. Did you mount the motherboard straight to the case. Or did you use the brass standoffs, and make sure they are in the right spots.

    You probably have:
    a short
    incompatible ram
    doa PSU
  3. thanks for the thread alvin smith. i will definitely follow the checklist.

    Yes daship, i used the brass standoffs and they all lined up with my motherboard perfectly. how do i know they are in the right spots? My mobo has 9 brass standoffs holes and i used them all. three on top three in the middle and three at the bottom. is that wrong?
  4. Most chassis are drilled and tapped for at least two mobo form-factors (like micro-ATX).

    So, there are likely several more mounting holes in the chassis than any mobo could use.

    Additionally, many case hardware kits include extra screws, either by mstake or on purpose ... and ... there are a number of other ways that the conductive brass standoffs can be "mis-applied" , usually one of the central holes is "mis-read" and then overlooked.

    The gist off "all this" is that (surpisingly!) often, one of those brass spacing standoffs (that lift the mobo about 1/4" away from the chassis) can be "HIDING" in a place where no holes exist ... and, instead, that chunk of brass is creating a junction between two surface solder-points (or circuit traces) on the underside of the mobo. And, this condition can shunt power to ground, away from intended circuits.

    FURTHER ... SOME people (lots, actually) never did understand WHAT the standoffs are for and do not install them at all ! ... THESE people screw the mobo DIRECTLY to the chassis without any standoffs AT ALL ! This shorts MOST of the silver solder points, on the bottom of the mobo ... definately a "NO GO" ... system won't make a peep.
    ... And ... Funny thing is, ... We "Veterans" can see how easily these mistakes can be made and all of "Techdom" is rife with such pitfalls, so we don't chuckle too much, 'cause it could be us "stranded out there", tomorrow.

    The really good news is that, once these errors are corrected, most new builds "fire-up" just fine.

    Any-hoo ... That covers the introduction for THAT point, on the TS Checklist.

    = Al =
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