hello,i would like to ask your opinion regarding ATI RADEON MOBILITY HD5470,which i know it has 1gb video ram,ddr3,and 64 it a gaming video card?or at least could i play the most demanding games at accepted video settings?thanks a lot
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  1. It is not a gaming card. It would really struggle with the most demanding games.
  2. If u want to gaming then at least choose HD5670, well it depends on the rest of your system.
    If u want to buy a card then tell us your system specs and how much do u want to spend... :)
  3. well it's ASUS K52JR-SX092D the laptop i core i3 350m 3 mb cache,3072 MB ram ddr3 1066 mhz,250 gb/5400 rpm,BT 2.1,6 cell battery(3 hours) etc...these are the specs that probably would matter...i want to play all the games possible,and i would preffer the most demanding games to be playable at least in low medium details...i was told by someone that the ram memory will help me a lot in gameplay and that since intel i3 has some integrated graphics bla bla that would also help me.well what do you say?thanks
  4. I have the ASUS i3 350M...2GB ram...320GB hdd 7200rpm...ATI Radeon 5470 1GB ram...I am currently playing Sniper Ghost Warrior which was currently graphics was set on balanced...hardware graphics is set to high performance...have not experienced any lag yet...will try maximum settings when i finish the game...CPUID Hardware Monitor logs ACPI temp to 68-72 °C...around 700megs ram left registered on task manager...while playing game, wifi is on w/ net sharing, opera browser open and downloading files on bittorrent...i guess your choice of laptop can handle it...mine is the lower model...
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