Assassins creed graphics ?

hi i have EAH 4870 Radeon HD, when i play Assassins creed 1 the game runs pretty fast with no probs, but the Characters graphics or Shadows are not perfect.......the shadows reflection are not Straight and if you look at the characters ARMS (edges) they are not straight too
is this happening to everyone or its something about my drivers? directx? ( i have the latest)

here some pics

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  1. He is wearing a robe... I don't believe the lines are supposed to be straight. If you mean the jaggedness increase your resolution and/or AA.
  2. I think your resolution is a bit low and your settings are not set to high.
    For me character is fine but some shadows are pixelated .
  3. What is your monitor resolution?
    What about the other games? If it plays well then don't worry about it... :)
  4. 1366*768 resolution, and everything is HIGH, do you think if i set the 3D settings in CONTROL CATALYST CENTER it could change it?

    and the other games are fine !!
  5. Push some AA, you can easily do 4xAA at that resolution.
  6. Huh, It looks pretty good to me.
  7. maybe try bumping the resolution up first. That 136*768 resolution is really really weird, i've tried it. Try bumping it up first...

    If that doesn't do it or makes it lag, then maybe bump up the AA like Sabot said.
  8. I would assume that is the monitor's native resolution. If it isn't you should change it.
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