Motherboard won't recognize any inputs anywhere?

I was cleaning out my computer this morning and I may have hit something, i'm sure what but the possibility is still there. My Computer starts up and is on, power is running, but there is no signal to the monitor, no external devices like my keyboard or mouse or anything else lights up, as in no power. What could be wrong with my system?
e5200 2.5ghz
G.SKILL DDR2-800 ram 4gb.
Windows 7 x64 ultimate
antec 650W power supply.
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    If your box was moved or bumped, check the monitor connections and be sure they are seated all the way in to the board and monitor. If you removed any internal connections, try re-installing them. If they weren't touched, then I would leave the power supply connections alone, except for the optical and hardrive connections. Double check those for something loose. The last option is static discharge damage to the board. While this is fairly rare, it's possible. I worked at Dell manufacturering, and we had to wear esd straps on our shoes to prevent this type of damage.
  2. Yeah static would suck if that's the problem.

    The first thing I always look for are the power connections: pull-off and reinsert the 4/8-pin CPU, 24-pin Main, and 4/6+-pin GPU, and 3/4-pin CPU Fan. Actually, pull the GPU and reinsert {re-seat}. Next ditto with the HDD power pull and reinsert power and SATA connections.
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  4. Thanks, the problem seemed to fix after I removed the cmos battery\reinserted, used only one stick of ram and reseated every connection on the motherboard. Though the computer's startup is still a bit wonky and the computer tends to freeze from time to time now. I think I have narrowed it down to possibly a dieing power supply? Or the motherboard is dieing.
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