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hello. a week ago when booting up my computer, it froze randomly, was unable to enter programs (it would just hour glas a little and then nothing) so i was unable to do anything with it. had an extra hdd lying around so i installed that with a fresh xp, same problem, so it couldn't be my hdd. tried a brand new mobo, cpu and ram, then installed a third hdd with a fresh xp... same problem, and now with bsods on 3 diferent hdds i tried. hm, could be faulty hdds then (...) so i've just installed a brand new hdd and now it won't freeze but i get random bsods. is it a curse or wth?

my specs are:
msi mobo p43-c51 with latest drivers (new hardware)
sparkle 8800 gt 512mb with latest nvidia drivers
q8300 2.5 ghx cpu (new hardware)
2 x 2 gigs of ocz ram pc3-8500 1066mhz (new hardware)
seagate 250 gb 7200rpm hdd (new hardware)
x fi extreme gamer which i cant install drivers fo suddenly. it errors while extracting files. (this was not a problem on the othr (apparently) faulty hdds.
600w ocz psu (2 months old)

temperatures are ok. tried some new sata cables and rearranged power cables to hdds, no luck.

what is wrong here man? it makes no f***** sense. please respond. im at my wits end. thank you very much in advance.
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  1. changed my video card to my old geforce 7950 gt 512mb and downloading drivers now. i'll post how it goes.
  2. no errors yet, but how can a video card mess up the system like that?
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