Need motherboard drivers for epox HELP!

i have a epox 9npa7i motherboard with no drivers epox site has nothing the ftp wont load. having a hard time no money to buy a new board. im sending a message to all my fellow geeks. i challenge you. =) i would be forever greatfull

louisville, ky
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  1. What OS are you using? Since this is a Nvidia based mobo, you can go to and download and install the generic chipset drivers. What are your basic system specs? This is actually pretty easy to solve. Please clarify. Have fun!
  2. (UPDATE neither browser of mine would load the epox ftp site it was very touchy on my end had to use a FTP transfer program in my case the free ware filezilla worked great)

    SOLVED YAY! let all epox owners know if they dont know i see tons of owners on here looking for files. thanks colgeek that was my next option was waiting on epox to email me back before i tried anything else. :bounce:


    Dear User

    Please download the driver and Manual from

    User name: epoxsupport

    Password: epoxsupport

    Best Regards
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