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Hey I just got this psu like 2 weeks ago and it been pretty good untill now, today I took my computer a part to add some new stuff and when I put it back together, all of the fans go really fast for like one sec start to slow down and something beeps then it does it all again. I'm pretty sure it's the power supply because it's a cheap logiysis or something like that but its 575w. But I called the company and they told me that they would replace it. But I just want to make sure thats what it is before I pay 10 bucks to ship it back. Also its kind of like the computer is just restarting over and over again.
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  1. Did you make sure to re-connect everything back in? Including the CPU connector?
  2. the difference between a cheap 600w PSU and a cheap 300w PSU is the label on the your PSU stating its 575w means nothing.

    put your $10 towards a solid budget PSU. OCZ and BFG make some affordable models. corsair, antec, seasonic offer high end models. the corsair 450w model actually offers 575w at peak and is fairly budget friendly.
  3. That's typical of a underpowered PSU. Those are the exact symptoms I saw from a PC a few weeks ago. The PSU wasn't big enough to power the system with an upgraded video card. Once the PSU was replaced, it booted just fine.

    With PSUs, the wattage doesn't mean all that much. The 12v rail(s) have to have enough amps to support the hardware.
  4. the logiysis 550w has 25a on its 12v and sells for $15 on newegg

    * i doubt it can deliver over 300w for an extended period.
  5. Lmeow said:
    Did you make sure to re-connect everything back in? Including the CPU connector?

    Yeah I got everything back together right, I just got my dad to bring me home an antech 850 psu and it booted up fine.
  6. Yeah I got everything working now I didn't really have a budget because my dad owns a computer store it was just the stuff that he brought me but I, got him to bring me an antech 850w psu and now everything works fine
  7. Good to hear.
    Thanks for the update.
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