Main box/ audio pc

hey all, ive got about $2500AUS for a system build
i am considering

BUDGET RANGE $2500 AUS...ish
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: audio, gaming, assing around

i7 930
gigabyte x58a ud3r...blah blah blah
OCZ 6G(3x2G) DDR3 1600MHz PC12800 Platinum(3P1600LV6GK) 7 7 7 24 - 777 is better than 888 yeh? :s
2 hitatchi 2Tb
a 5870, need brand reccomendations
corsair hx850 (house mate has the 650, i cant tell if his box i on or not if the screen is off. :o
need silent case recommendations, and help with dust issues. looking at lian li a71?
ssd? is it worth getting one and skimping on something else, or just hold off for now?
after market cooler? need silence, or near silence. doesnt have to be passive, just quiet,
OVERCLOCKING OC to a touch over 3.2/3.3 would be good.

PARTS NOT add to my screen mouse and keyboard and speakers, and firewire soundcards.
MONITOR RESOLUTION i have a 1680x1050 panel,
razer keyboard and mouse. logitech 2.1 thx system (pc audio only). im running a firestudio and firestudio project into some msp-7s if anyones interested in that ***.

main considerations, must be a very quiet pc when not gaming, thus why ive gone with this power supply and am eyeing off the lian li case. MUST pump down the vst instruments i throw at it. must game.

really just need you guys to tell me everything thats wrong with my build and why all my base are belong to you. plz.

Lucian, 1st post.
tried, and failed to cut and paste the template. sorry
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  1. CPU: Okay Choice
    MOBO: Okay Choice
    GPU: XFX - First, Sapphire - Second
    RAM: I'm a fan of the OCZ Platinum's (have them myself) but if you can find the G.SKILL PI Series 6GB (3x2GB) DDR6 1600 Cas7 for cheaper, get those instead. Yes... 777 is better than 888 :)
    HDD: I'm not the most familiar with Hitachi drives, so I can't comment. For a 2TB drive, I would recommend the WD 2TB over any of them, myself.
    SSD: If you have the budget for one, I say go for it... it is worth it once you have one in your system. I recommend the Intel X25-M G2 80GB.
    HSF: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus is a pretty quite HSF. I haven't had any issues with the setup being too loud, or louder an of the other components.
    PSU: You don't need the Corsair HX850, just get the HX650. You won't be needing a Crossfire setup at your resolution, since teh 5870 will have not issues.
    Case: Your Lian Li case is a good one. I would have to know what site/store you are buying from to recommend other case based on what is available.
  2. hey, thanks very much for the response

    i buy my gear from a place called, they back you up hardcore with service. i love them. only ventured to another place once in 6 years.

    will go with your rec on the sapphire, it in stock, xfx isnt, and the sapphire has 15 positive reviews from umart customers. xfxs 5870 doesnt really seem to be selling.

    ive just been over trolling hardocp, theres a fair bit of noise about ocz sticks dying. i was attracted to the gskills, but am also attracted to the corsair and kingston hyper x stuff. they both have the xml? option, which seems to make things easy from the get go. thoughts?

    reason i was looking at the hitachis, is good reviews from umart customers, and 7200rpm. the big drives seem to be getting slow speeds.... but im thinking an ssd IS in the budget, so maybe this isnt a large concern. noise is, i hate clicking, it picks up on mics. speed is a consideration, but mainly for the audio stuff.

    ssds seem to be worth around $400-$500 AUS for around $120G, i cant use these to write audio to, they just arent big enough. but for the $100 difference in the price range, what real differences would i be seeing from one drive to another?

    reason i was looking at the hx850 is the modularness, futureproofness for possible overclocking and more components, and the facts its still more efficient than the rest of their range, apparently 85%+? and a larger fan.... i safe guessed it, i guess. i know the 650 is quiet enough. all considered still overkill?

    the case is a real hard one for me. i hate dust, small spaces( mid towers piss me off), lights and noise. all must be avoided. they used to do a v1110 or a 2110 or something, they were sexy as, but seemed to be discontinued recently.

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    I would go with the OCZ based on your selections at Corsair and Kingston's don't provide the same performance at the price of the Platinum's. I believe the OCZ issues are related to the 4GB sets on AM3. I haven't heard of any issues on the triple-channel's. Your site doesn't carry the G.Skill's I was referring too... (Newegg link... )

    SSD / HDD....
    I would recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB x 2 over going with 4TB of Hitachi, unless you really need that amount. The Samsung's are pretty much the fastest non-SATA hard drives on the market.

    Since it doesn't look like you can get the Intel SSD, I would go with this drive... Patriot 128G TORQX M28 SSD with 128M Buffer. It looks to be the best price to performance and has a plenty of space for Apps/Games! I'm not sure what drive differences you are talking about... SSD to HDD or the different SDD's? You'll see a huge difference with a SSD over a HDD but there will be little difference between SDD's.

    Here is the best PSU available to you at your store... SeaSonic X-750 80Plus Gold Modular PSU. It is plenty strong enough for your system, however at the price of the HX850, it is hard to pass up. Another great alternative is the Antec ATX TruePower 750W, again strong enough for a Crossfire setup.

    Here are some other alternatives to your case... Antec P183 Performance One Black-Sliver ATX Tower, Corsair Obsidian 800D Black Full Tower Case with Window, SilverStone Raven RV01 Black with Window Black, or SilverStone Raven RV02B-W Black with Window
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