Blow my PSU or mobo pls

hey my friend needs my PC, i offered it to him for free but it has to be non functional. or my dad will get me to charge him for it. I dont want to so I was wondering if there was anyway i could rig the PSU to blow the mobo or do some un repairable damage in the PC without affecting proccy, n specially the HD

pls help me blow this b!t*h up ppl
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  1. What are the full specs so we know what we are working with. This could be fun.

    Does your PSU have a red voltage selector switch and do you live in a part of the world that runs on 220V?
  2. Does it really need to be unrepairable? How much does your father know about computers and what measures will he take to make sure it is non-functional/ try to repair it before letting you give it away for free?

    If it's not much, you could do something simple like take out the CPU power cable to the motherboard. It will just turn on and do nothing.

    Or do you really need to something unrepairable? Do you need it to, say, blow up or would you be satisfied if it simply didn't work? You could open up the power supply, clip one of the main leads and put everything back together. Your friend could even salvage the power supply by re-soldering it. Be careful of the capacitors. leave the PSU unplugged for a while before working on it, and even so, careful no to touch the capacitors just to be sure.

    If you need it to explode, you would need to see if any of the capacitors have polarity. If any do, they can be installed backwards and explode, if you have access to a soldering kit and can desolder. There's always the chance it could take some components with it though when it dies.
  3. If you are going to be playing the kill the PSU game, definitely suggest unplugging it from the rest of the system except a case fan and using a paper clip to short the green wire in the main connector to a black connector, this will boot it up isolated from any components it could damage.
  4. plug a random wire from the PSU in to a random connector on your mobo. Don't turn your computer on because it will begin to smoke and possibly blow up.
  5. core2duo 4300@1.8
    512mb ram
    intel mobo
    n some crappy PSU whch came with the case
    and yes im in india so its round 220-240v round ere

    it just cant 'not work' you know because my dad might try and have it repaired, but if the tech guy tells him hes gotta replace parts, it makes it a whole lot easier.

    sorry for late reply, was stuck with work as of late
  6. Easiest option here, charge your mate whatever your Dad thinks is a fair price and give him the money back on the sly (over time maybe), no need to risk injury, death or component damage at all,
    Dont try to make a working pc irrepairable, instead find a way round the issue :)
  7. ??????????

    For what exactly does your friend need a destroyed, and possibly irreparable, computer????
  8. lol i know seriously. just flip the little red voltage switch on the psu. thatll make it smoke and kill the psu :) and maybe other parts too :)
  9. take the motherboard out and rub it across a carpet and maybe pull a solid state capacitor off of it. it won't work, Guaranteed.
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