The 22x Multiplier on the i7 930

At stock, the i7 930 runs at 2.8 GHz, 133 MHz x 21. On my motherboard, before I could turn on Turbo Boost, I had to up the multiplier to 22x, and so I did. However, I heard somewhere that this 22x multiplier (21x for i7 920) was 'fake' in the sense that 133 MHz x 22 only appears to be 2.93 GHz, yet is in fact just 2.8 GHz, and this multiplier is the Turbo Boost multiplier. Could anyone clarify whether using the multiplier above stock by one with the i7 900 series is really increasing the speed or not?
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  1. The i7 920 is 2.66GHz at stock, goes to 2.8GHz for 2 threads, and goes to 2.93Ghz for 1 thread.

    The i7 930 is 2.8GHz at stock, and goes to 2.93Ghz for 2 threads...not sure what it does in 1 thread situations.
  2. I believe it goes to 3.06 GHz with single threaded applications, but I'm just wondering is the 22x multiplier actually 22x? Because somewhere I heard even though it might say my CPU is running at 133 MHz x 22, it's really just running at 21x. Like in my BIOS, it's currently at 21x, and it says target frequency of 133 MHz x 22, but when I drop it back down to 20, it goes to 133 MHz x 20.
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