I have been on the ATI website and the HD4770 will only X-Fire with another HD4770, But there are two different models.

Does the 'HD-477A-YDFC' model crossfire properly with the 'HD-477A-YDLC'?
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  1. Yes as long it is the same GPU you are fine. There might be some clock speed difference between the cards but they will default to the lower speed.
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    Yes, they would CrossFire fine. All XFX 4770's have identical specs. They may have different cooling solutions, though.

    Follow these steps to see side-by-side comparison:
    Select Graphics Cards
    4000 Series
    first card
    Column 1
    After that card appears, select:
    3rd card
    Column 2
  3. Thank you for this information. i think i know what to do now. =]
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